Thursday, June 23, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1951 - Dec 20 - School Program

From Mom’s Diary… 1951 - Dec 20
School Program
Mrs. Phelps and 14 students at Willow # 3 - final year
Next fall, half went to Scranton, half went to Coon Rapids to school

Thursday, Dec 20:

… Made burnt sugar cake to take to school. Got coffee maker from the church. Real blizzardy.
Finished bath room at 1:00. Pete wasn’t here for dinner. Gave Tom a nap. Gave boys baths, ate, went to school program. Pete had to put on chains, to get there. Terribly cold & snowy. Cute program.
Tom kept saying he was hungry. Bill was Santa. Tom knew him. Jim said, “Do Not Open Until Christmas.” Bill was dressed like a lady in one play. Wilson was good as a lady. Nice lunch. All kids went together & got housecoat & gloves for teacher.

My comments:

Always interesting what was important to Mom as she wrote her diary entry each day.

Note: This concludes this series of posts from Mom’s diaries. Have a great summer! ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)