Wednesday, June 22, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1951 - Dec 17 - Got Lionel

From Mom’s Diary… 1951 - Dec 17
Got Lionel
My daughter, Annette, in 1965, with the Lionel… just part of it...

Monday, Dec 17:

Got up at 6:30. Boys up early too. Went to Des Moines at 9:30. Snowing. Hard to drive against at times. Ate at Bishop’s. Got Bill red hat & gloves & Jim gloves. Got Lionel, flex. flyer, music box, Christmas gifts. Picked out rubber tile at Chader’s. Really snowy & cold. Lots of traffic when we left. Got groc. at big super market. Jim slept till we got to Mom’s. Roads were fine. Got Tom & came home & made hamburgers. Did dishes, went to bed early.

My comments:

Big day in my life, for sure. Mom and Dad really went to pick out the rubber tile, of course, for the Porch. They were VERY nice… but the train set was my big Christmas gift. At 12 1/2 years old, that was pretty big deal. After Christmas, a half dozen families around the neighborhood came to see the train, per later diary entries!! Big deal for them, as well, it seemed.
P.S. I still have the complete train, of course, get it out every few years! Still works well! ;-)

Eating at Bishop’s Cafeteria at Merle Hay Mall was part of the “going to Des Moines” ritual. Liked the “big super market” comment!

Families are Forever! ;-)


  1. It was a car racing set for my son.