Thursday, June 16, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1951 - Aug 10-19 - First Family Vacation Colorado

From Mom’s Diary… 1951 - Aug 10-19
First Family Vacation Colorado
Family photo at Continental Divide

Drove across Nebraska, stayed at Wahoo the first night in a motel. New experience for family.
Then, into Wyoming and spent time with Mom’s great uncle Ira and family a couple of days. Then into Colorado, to Estes Park and stayed in nice cabin.

Wednesday, August 15:

Got up early & drove to Y.M.C. A. camp, made reserve. at Idaho Sprgs for tonight thru Chamber of Commerce. Tommy & Jim rode on little train again. Up trail ridge road. Really a never to be forgotten thrill. Looked down for thousands of feet. Climbed up to snow - nearly wore us out. Altitude really leaves you short winded. Picked wild flowers & got snow balls. Really chilly but sun hot. Seemed so funny. Didn’t realize it would take so long. Good road, but you don’t make much time. Down Bertroud Pass just as rugged or more so as Trail Ridge Road. Saw Bear Lake & Grand Lake. Pretty. Finally got to Idaho Sprigs. at 5:15. She had kept our cottage. Long narrow town between mtns.

My comments:

Mom did write this kind of detail for every day of the trip. Quite an experience. I clearly remember bits and pieces. Wondered when it was… now we know!

At end of trip: “Really wonderful to be home. Thats the best part of the trip. … Nice to see T.V. again. Hadn’t seen ir for a week and a day.” And, the next day… “Drove out to see the crops. Really looked good. Small  corn tasseling. Even weeds look good.”

She had not been impressed with barren grounds and no crops, in western Nebr and Wyo.!
Very interesting to relive the trip with her words!!! ;-)a

Families are Forever! ;-)