Saturday, June 4, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1950 - Summers - Birthdays

From Mom’s Diary… 1950 - Summers - Birthdays
Wanted to get this photo in; probably from spring, when landscaping done.
Also a hedge, off to the left in photo, dividing front yard from garden area behind.
No diary entry on my birthday this year.

Thursday, August 3:

Did a washing. In town & had pickup fixed. Got cowboy doll for Nancy. Ate at D & D.
Home & got Bill cleaned up & he went to Nancy’s 11th Birthday Party. I went after them & had lunch. Folded clothes. Thought Ace would come after school books but he didn’t. Mom & Dad came. I fixed her hair. Drove in town & got cones. Got new jeans & sweater so I could go to cafe for dinner.

Wednesday, August 9:

Did up usual work. Made Pete an angel food. He’s 35 today. Left for Jeff. at nine. Got his driver’s license and hair cut. Talked to Irene Jacobsens. Did a little shopping, came home, cleaned a chicken, did dishes, went to Swimming Aquacade. It was good. Watermelon race, candle race, clowns. Had pop & ice cream & came home.
Bill to Helping Hands at LVene’s in P.M. She sent home roasting ears.

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