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From Mom’s Diary… 1946 - April 8 - Basketball Banquet

From Mom’s Diary… 1946
April 8 - Basketball Banquet

High School Madrigal Group - Spring of 1946
Buzz, upper left - Bruce Annear, upper right

One of several graduation related activities for Buzz and his class:

Monday, April 8:

Sunny but windy and chilly. Patched o’alls for Billy & Pete. Did sep. Harold here after cream & eggs. Pete took 4 sows to town in pickup. Cut out 4 o’alls - Jim, 1 jacket for Bill. Pete home at 3:00. When Billy came I took him & Jim to Mom’s. … Home & bathed & went to Girl’s & Boy’s Basketball Banquet. Mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, fresh salad, ham, ice cream, cake. Nice program. Bill Creighton, Gene Summate, Chisholm. Talked to Buzz & Colleen. They had car. We had pick-up. Out after boys. Did Jennings & all ever razz Colleen & Buzz. He blushed. Sang in Quartet.

My comments:

So much to say, so little space. Buzz and Colleen had just started really going together. He was star on Boy’s BB team, too… but they weren’t that good. Colleen star on Championship team, of course. Each so tall and good looking (photo of them together, to come, later on). Made quite a couple. Noted that Buzz had Mom & Dad’s car a lot, lately, leaving them with the pickup, when Buzz had dates!! What fun!

Chose the photo of the singers for here. Madrigal actually performed at graduation, I think. Buzz and Bruce were in the quartet with two of the girls from this group.

Personal note: Last summer, at a funeral, it was fun to see both Buzz and Bruce, together again after a number of years, both now in their mid-eighties. Bruce had been living in Arizona for quite a while.

Families are Forever! ;-)


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    1. Thank you, brother. It was of my favorites as well. I appreciate the note, very much! ;-)