Wednesday, April 27, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1946 - Nov 28 - Thanksgiving and Buzzy

From Mom’s Diary… 1946
Nov 28 - Thanksgiving and Buzzy
Buzz in Army uniform, on furlough for holiday

Sat, Nov 23: “Buzzy called at 5:00 from home. Surely good to hear him again.”
Sun, Nov 24: “Made 3 cherry pies & went to Leo’s for duck dinner. Really good. Bussy telling us all about the Army. Doing steps etc.”

Thursday, November 28:

Really a nice day. Ironed couch cover, roasted chickens, dressing, cleaned up, made salad - celery pickles, olives, cranberries - set table. Mom bro’t spuds, Lil - chicken. Gertrude - scalloped oysters. Colleen got to come late last nite. She was here for dinner. 17 of us. Took pictures. Had a nice time. All of em stayed for supper. Paul did chores & then came back & ate. To bed at 9:00. Ger’s were last to leave.

Sun, Dec 1: “Buzz & Colleen came & took Billy & me to church. Then they went to Davis’ to dinner.”
Mon, Dec 2: “Cleaned up & Pete & I took Buzzy to Omaha. Nice trip. 1 flat tire just outside Co. Bluffs. … Saw Buzz off at airport at 1:00.”

My comments:

Colleen had gone to college at the University of Iowa, so she was home from school, as well.

Cousin Paul Nielsen was essentially a hired man, with Buzzy off to the Army. Paul had returned from his Army Service in the Pacific, during the war.

Pretty exciting time.

AND, on Dec 1, went to Dennis' 8th Birthday Party... here is photo:
 Donna, Nancy, Kay, ?, ?, Bill, Dennis, Wayne, David; I think! ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)