Wednesday, April 13, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1946 - April 6 - Nice day

From Mom’s Diary… 1946
April 6 - Nice day

Saturday, April 6:

Nice day. Cleaning upstairs. Did sep then to Hazel Bow. to congrats Joan but she wasn’t there. She got a first on her song. Surely fine. Home & fixed dinner. Boys & I went to Carroll. Got Billy new shoes. Home & at folks at 6:00. Got pickup again. Buzz came over to get the car. Did up work. Fixed supper & went to bed.

My comments:

This was a cute photo of the two of us, I just came across… had to find a place for it. ;-)

Noted that at about this point in the diary, she started using 'Jim' and 'Bill' more... interesting...  ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)