Thursday, April 28, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1947 - April 25 - Helping Hands

From Mom’s Diary… 1947
April 25 - Helping Hands
Dennis, Wayne, Wilson, Bill, ?
Charlotte, Kay, Nancy, Donna, ?
Curious coincidence than I'm standing behind Nancy in photo... ;-)

Friday, April 25:

Went to Jefferson with Pete to get two 14 foot maple trees for side front of yard. Got Jim’s hair cut, ate dinner there. Picked up Ramona Magee & Cretsinger girl. Left Pete at home & I went in town to see Jimmie’s proofs. One was pretty good. Home & Pat, Wilson here. Billy rode around square with them. Had lunch here. Bill & I went to Helping H at nite after I set out tomato, cabbage, flower plants & cleaned pantry. At Nancy Bol.

My comments:

Since late December had been very cold, snowy and blizzards. Roads closed many days. At one stretch, Mom said it had been three weeks between seeing her mother!! At one point, she said “that said” worst winter and snows in four years. I January had been subzero for days on end… she had daily temperatures.

I had this photo Helping Hands children’s group from Church. First mentioned last December. This is first mention when seemed to be decent weather. Was apparently a monthly gathering. Many days missing in diary, so I latched on this meeting to share the photo. Meeting was at Nancy Bolger house.

AND, On Wednesday, May 28:

Had snow. Imagine. An awful night for club. Only 4 here. Arlene, Edith, Elaine, Orville.

This was an event I did recall all my life… the May 28th Snow, in Iowa, and Mom hosted club meeting. Was she upset! Nice to see the year confirmed, again.

AND, one more, on my 8th birthday, Tuesday, July 1: 

Had a birthday party for Billy. 21 kids here. They really had a time. ...

Don't remember that, at all. Not aware of any photos. Nice, tho' !!! ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)