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From Mom’s Diary… 1946 - Nov 11 - New School Teacher

From Mom’s Diary… 1946
Nov 11 - New School Teacher
Jessie Shirbroun was new teacher at Willow #3, for my second grade year.

Monday, November 11:

Kinda cloudy in A.M. Did dishes, sep. cleaned up. Pete picked load of corn & then we went to Ger. & Ev. for dinner. Ira, Delda, Uncle Will, Roberts, Lucille, Lil’s, folks & us there. Had such a nice time. Men went to Bayard (26), Coon (0) F. B. game at Coon. Had nice visit. Home at 4:30. Bill had been at Petersons all P.M. Miss Shirbroun sick & let them out. Made pies, put Jim to be at 6:00.

My comments:

First mention of Miss Shirbroun. Busy day. Ira and Delda were Grandpa Paul Kinnick’s uncle and aunt who lived in Cheyenne, Wyo. Uncle Will was from Illinois (brother-in-law of Ira. Robert was Paul’s brother, Lucille his sister, along with Lillian and Gertrude. That was all five siblings!

I had walked a little over half a mile from school to Petersons who lived just north of our farm. They would feed my an apple and a piece of bread with peanut butter on it, for a snack. Memories. They rarely left the farm, for any reason, so were a pretty safe haven for me! ;-)

P.S. on Wednesday, Nov 6: "Bought the Book of Knowledge." I sure remember that. Lots of good reading. I especially like each year when we got the Annual. Practically read it front to back... ;-)

AND, came across this photo of Ira and Delta... same visit, I'm pretty sure... [Actually this may be earlier, but that is them on the left...]

Families are Forever! ;-)