Thursday, February 25, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1943 - April 4 w/dated photos

From Mom’s Diary… 1943 - April 4 w/dated photos

By April 1, 1943, I was moving toward my 4th birthday on July 1…

Friday, April 2:

… Billy & I went to Workers Conf. at Laura’s. Billy, Nancy, Dennis, Kay played with beads. …

Sunday, April 4:

Nice day but windy. All 4 of us went to S.S. [Buzzy was out at our farm, as he was most weekends…] Folks were here when we got here. Had beef steak for dinner. Planted peas, radishes, potatoes. Pete spaded. Don & Norma came & we took Marla’s picture. Made a cherry pie & Pete & Billy & I went to Evelyn’s for First Aid Party. Gave Irene a blanket. Billy went to sleep. Played pitch. Home at 1:00.

My comments:

These First Aid Parties had been quite common through the spring. I assume related to the war effort in some way. Learning how to do bandaging and so forth. Perhaps just extension service, or something. Curious, none the less. Note: Reading ahead, on April 7, "...last meeting. Took the exam. Didn't seem as bad as I thought." Interesting, for sure! ;-)

Photos good reminder this was old box brownie photo time, not digital. Didn’t see what you got until weeks later. Cut off my head real clean… but the baby was the focus, of course: Marla Ann Williams.

Families are Forever! ;-)

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