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From Mom’s Diary… 1942 Have 22 Mar 1942 Photo

From Mom’s Diary… 1942 Have 22 Mar 1942 Photo
 In spring of 1942, I was approaching my 3rd birthday. As of March 1, Mom and Dad bought a farm a mile east of the county line between Carroll and Greene County, north east of Coon Rapids, Iowa, a couple of miles north of where they had been living. Moving in was an on-going process…

One of the little old black and white photos I have was actually dated ‘March 22, 1942’ - so I wanted to see the diary entry for that day… here it is:

Sunday, March 22:

Swellest day. Scrubbed the porch. Got ready for S.S. Folks came & Ida & Karen went along. 47 there. Home & ate dinner. Did dishes. Men wired wash house. Kids left for Dorothy’s early. Lil, De. came for supper. Did dishes, really tired. To bed at 11:00.

My comments:

Prior day’s entry said, “Got the lights tonite. Gerry here for supper.” So - the house had not been wired for electricity, but the lines apparently were already in place going by the farm. They had been wiring for the first time…. again. Amazing! In later years, Dad was on the R.E.C. board for a number of years… wanted to keep that electricity coming, I guess!! ;-)

Editorializing: Still amazed how much folks just ‘showed up’ at meal time and ate together.

47 was a good attendance at Star Church. Mom was teaching Sunday School Class, so was going every week during this time.

In the photo of cousin Karen and I, we are sitting on the east side of the house, by the porch. That sidewalk ran from the porch to the wash house to the northeast of the house. Pretty fancy!! ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)

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