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From Mom’s Diary… 1942 - Billy’s 3rd Birthday and more

From Mom’s Diary… 1942 - Billy’s 3rd Birthday and more
 On July 1, 1942, I celebrated my 3rd birthday. Mom and Dad had bought a farm a mile east of the county line between Carroll and Greene County, north east of Coon Rapids, Iowa, a couple of miles north of where they had been living. The spring planting was done, and cultivating was underway…

Mom was regularly baking angel food cakes, per her diary entries. Whether this is my birthday cake or another day, I do not know. I don’t seem to have a photo of Billy with a cake for this year, so this will do… standing in that favorite spot east of the house, facing south!

First, a notable event occurred on Saturday, June 27:

… Ed Kult came. He leaves Mon. morning for Navy. … [First one mentioned… ]

Tuesday, June 30:

… When Billy woke we went in town & got his big wagon. …

Wednesday, July 1, 1942: [‘Billy’s Birthday’ noted]

Swellest day. Mom and Bussy came out. Made Billy’s cake. Got dinner. LVene & David came in P.M. Took pictures. Did dishes. Over to Toot’s and got pail of mulberries. LVene helped us. Home & canned 7 qts. of mul. & rhubarb. Pulled weeds in garden. Chores, ate, took Mom & Buss in town. Down town till 12:00. Parked by Irene in front of Garst’s. Billy got $5, shirt, slacks, jacket, 5 cards.

Oops, I found another one taken this day:

There is the Wash House, in the background, at the end of the walk!
This is cousin David Thomas, Billy in his new wagon, and uncle Buzzy, nearing 14...

My comments:

No other mentions of war, or others going, yet.
On July 2, mentioned “Watkins man came.” Earlier, she when to a Stanley part at someone’s house.
On July 3, first time: “Pete mowed lawn.” Several mentions through spring of ‘raked yard’ but this is first mention of a “lawn.”

Families are Forever! ;-)

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