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From Mom’s Diary… 1942 Moves in March

From Mom’s Diary… 1942 Moves in March
 In spring of 1942, I was approaching my 3rd birthday. We lived on a rented farm on the county line between Carroll and Greene County, north east of Coon Rapids, Iowa. But, that was about to change…
An image I couldn't pass up; even though not real accurate!! ;-)

The 1st of March on the farm was always a day of change, but especially if you were a renter. Not unlike apartment dwellers today. Historically, on Iowa farms, annually leases ended, and started, on March 1 each year. Mom and Dad moved on March 1 the prior year. This year, they bought a farm, with the aid of some inherited funds, but they were replacing a renting family. So, they had to work together. Following are some entries that relate to some of these moves…

Friday, February 27:

Up early. Took Billy in to Mom’s. Over to Max & Orrin's. Helped them move. Max had LVene bring dinner over to their new place. Ate & went in & got Billy. … Pete got new glasses. …

Tuesday, March 3:

Norma came in morning. Packed dishes for me. Pete & Elmer in to see Keister. We’re moving for sure. Ate, did dishes. Pete & I had to run in town & sign at South Bank. Norma stayed with Billy. Home & did more packing. …

Wednesday, March 4:

Howard came before Noon. Don & Norma here a little while in morning. Got quite a bit of packing done. At night Pete took down cupboard & Howard took down curtain fixtures. …

Thursday, March 5:

Howard here again. Marg. & Elmer moved their upstair’s furniture over today. We moved fruit jars & stuff from the shop. Mom & Buss came out for supper. Did some more packing. Rolled up the rugs. LVene & Verle came for a little while. Dad came after folks. To bed at 11:00.

Friday, March 6:

Up at 5:30. Ate, did dishes, sep. Delbert, Bud, Pete, Howard, Bill, Harold, Verle, Toots helped move. Got over here before Noon. Norma helped here & LVene & Margaret got dinner. Ate, came back & got the house pretty well straightened up. Nice day to work. Really tired at nite. Chores & went to bed about 10:30.

Saturday, March 7:

… Bro’t out chickens over. Mom & I papered the pantry. …

My comments:

I can really visualize them all making the move, and doing the various things that got done. Wow!

It appears that Elmer and Margaret Lucht & Mom and Dad swapped residences…

Note: Whereas I noted that Mom and Dad were painting and putting up ‘their things’ in the other house, all year… now, all of a sudden, they were doing it all, again, but this time, in their ‘own place.’

Over the following couple of days, they had a fellow in wiring the whole house, upstairs, downstairs and in the basement… first time they had a basement!!

Transitions are fascinating!! What fun!! ;-) This is the farm where I grew up...  ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)

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