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From Mom’s Diary… 1942 Mid-March in New Home

From Mom’s Diary… 1942 Mid-March in New Home

In spring of 1942, I was approaching my 3rd birthday. As of March 1, Mom and Dad bought a farm a mile east of the county line between Carroll and Greene County, north east of Coon Rapids, Iowa, a couple of miles north of where they had been living. Moving in was an on-going process…

Here are four days demonstrating life in the new home… and the work to be done…

Thursday, March 12:

Gerry here to wire again. Made a butterscotch pie for dinner. Boys working in kitchen & basement. Ate, and did dishes, read, After Gerry left I swept whole downstairs. Billy & I went outdoors. Got 51 eggs. Watched Pete milk. Ate, did dishes.

Friday, March 13:

Gerry came & worked in the morning. Pete & I in to Mom’s to dinner & then to Carroll. Picked out fixtures. Pete went in town & bro’t Billy home - I came home with Ruth, Lil, & Buelah. Mrs. Jergans lead the practice. Didn’t learn much. Had hamburgers at Clyde’s. Home at 6:00. Ate, read, & went to bed.

An Oil Burning Furnace

Saturday, March 14:

Did up usual work in morning. Pete hauled a load of manure. Ate dinner. He moved the oil burner & laid down wool rug. Had to level the stove. Did dishes, straightened up the house. Ate, read, went to bed early.

Sunday, March 15:

Washed my head. Billy & I went to church. home & fixed dinner. The folks came out. Men walked around the edges of the farm. Mom & I scrubbed & waxed the kitchen floor. Popped corn. Ate supper, did dishes. Dad went to sleep. They left at 10:00. Went to bed.

My comments:

Kind of fun to see some full entries again, as they did up something around the house each day. I could really visualize Dad and Grandpa Kinnick walking ‘around the edges of the farm.’ I’ve done it. It was 160 acres, but with a road down the middle, length-wise, eighty acres on each side. Neat memories.

Families are Forever! ;-)

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