Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday - Paul, Lucile, Robert with Aunts Etta and Grace

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday
Paul, Lucile, Robert with Aunts Etta and Grace

Grace & Etta Kinnick with Paul, Robert & Lucile

In recent days, I have been so pleased to re-connect, on line, with a Kinnick cousin, out in Colorado, Ellen DeVilbiss, daughter of Roberta (Ford) and Bill Keister, granddaughter of Lillian (Kinnick) and Delbert Ford, great-granddaughter of Alonzo and Nettie (Williams) Kinnick.

The photo shared, above, is from Ellen from the collection left to her by Lillian. I had not seen this photo before, and it may to youngest photo I have seen of my grandfather, Paul Kinnick (1892-1968), left front. The Caption is as provided by Ellen. Center front is Paul's brother, Robert Kinnick (1896-1953); on the right front is their sister, Lucile Kinnick (1894-1956). They are three oldest children of Alonzo and Nettie (Williams) Kinnick. I date the photo to about 1899. The girls in the back are the youngest sisters of Alonzo: Grace (1887-1945) and Etta (1885-1939). The girls lived in Bureau County, Illinois.

My comment: Paul looks very much like his two sons, Leo and Edward, did when they were that age; as well as others of his descendants, even me, a little bit.  ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)


  1. Ummm. I think it looks ALOT like you at that age. At least the photos I have seen!

  2. Perhaps I should do some actual comparisons. Thanks for the comment! ;-)