Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Genealogy Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Genealogy Easter Egg Hunt

It is a please to participate, tonight, in a Randy Seaver 'Saturday Night Genealogy Fun' project!

With my other activities, it has been hard to spend much time on the 1940 Census images - it was a pleasure to follow this Hunt, to do some things I wanted to do anyway!

I already knew that I wanted to look in my home town of Coon Rapids, Iowa, which I had already determined (I was in 14-33) to be 14-32. Tonight, I went to, click 1940, and entered 14-33 as the ED. It showed 40 pages. I opened a new folder and copied each of the 40 images into it, as I will be doing much more work on a variety of people in this town. After a bit of experimenting, I realized I wanted to downsize the images to a width of 1500 pixels, for future reference (I'll finish doing that, later).

My target family was my (only living at the time) grandparents. Although I had saved the images, I decided to quickly scan the images on live, backing up from 40… on 32, I found them near the bottom of the page. Paul (1892-1968) and Dorothy KINNICK (1887-1982) were there with their youngest son, Edward, 11, on 2nd Street.

I added the following to my "To Be Checked" list:

1. Their entry on 1935 residence said: Same house - I personally know this not to be true… so this will be interesting to check. At the very least, they were living on a farm outside town in 1936, 37. I wondered when they moved to town: By 1940!

2. I need to check the address. I also need to ask each of my two uncles, including Edward (Buzzy), who are still alive, about these homes. I was already reminded earlier I need to do that, but this reinforces and allows me to be more specify in my questions (good for we older folks!).

Thanks, Randy!

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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