Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday - Elias Williams group

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday - Elias Williams group

This was the first photo in the third batch of Kinnick-Williams photo scans my cousin Ellen was kind enough to send along to me recently. This is the Williams side. Her comment:

"Josephine Brock, Elias & Sarah Williams - Writing is mostly on front.  Back lists names as: Josephine (Brock), Elias Williams & Sarah Williams.  I'd guess this to be around 1900, in which case Josephine was either already married or at least engaged to William Brock.  I wonder if he took the picture?"

William (c1863-c1930) and Josephine 1872-1961) were married Sept 1899, in Coon Rapids, Iowa. Possibly even day of wedding? With her parents?

Sarah (1853, Ireland - 1938) was actually the second wife of Elias, of course; the mother of his children, Ann Eliza, had died so young. The children all considered Sarah their mother; the grandchildren considered her grandma. I think this may actually be the first photo I have of her!  

[Elias is my great-great grandfather; Eileen, Paul, Nettie, Elias, of course.]

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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