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Surname Saturday - Duncan (II)

Surname Saturday - Duncan (II)

Earlier Surname Saturday - Duncan

"Ann Eliza DUNCAN (1842-1879) married Elias WILLIAMS (1838-1920) on 20 Apr 1862 in Mercer Co, Illinois. They had 3 children who lived to adulthood. When the youngest of these, Josephine, was 3 years old, they moved to Iowa in 1875... first to Scranton, then to Coon Rapids shortly thereafter, where they lived the rest of their lives.

Ann was the daughter of Braxton DUNCAN (1798-1859) and  Araminta KIRK (1813-1855). Braxton was the son of Charles DUNCAN (1761-1838), a Revolutionary War soldier from Virginia (1777-1780)."

Charles DUNCAN was Scotch-Irish, and went to the Revolutionary War at the age of seventeen from Fauquier County in the Northern Neck of Virginia (enlisted 12 Jan 1777 to serve 3 years - per letter from the War Dept, 10 Nov 1900). He fought under Col. Buford, lived to a good old age, and raised a large family of children. (Written by a grand child of his youngest son, Braxton). He named his first son Buford, after Col. Buford. In the Deed Book of Fauquier County (1778-1785), Charles DUNCAN is regularly mentioned as he acquired his wealth in land.

Buford DUNCAN was the first settler of Mercer County, Illinois, in 1838, in Duncan Township which came to be named for him. He may have visited the area as early as 1834 or 1846, depending on your source of information. He was followed by his brother, Braxton, and other neighbors, friends and family from Virginia. The settlement was known as the Duncan Settlement, in the early years.

Duncan Township was just a few miles southwest of (what became) Rock Island, Illinois, as you can see on the map section (along the north border of Mercer Co, second Twp in from the Mississippi River on the west).

As I mentioned earlier, I believe this is my only family that came through the State of Virginia (and also the furthest south family line).

Addendum: Charles DUNCAN Rev War Pension files information.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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