Monday, October 17, 2011

Mappy Monday - Northeast of Coon Rapids 1935

Mappy Monday
Northeast of Coon Rapids 1935
Union Township, Carroll Co, Iowa

[Click on Map to see larger image]
{There are 36 sections, numbered serpentine, starting upper right, making the section below No. 1 be No. 12, No. 13 is below No. 12, and so forth.}

I have marked 6 locations in red (7 and 8 are off screen, a mile to the right-see below) of note:
1) Lower left corner of Sec. No. 12, 160 acres, Wm Smith, my grandfather. This is 'the homeplace' where my Dad, Pete, grew up.
2) A mile north of the homeplace, was the corner where the Star Methodist Church and the Star School sat.
3) A mile north of the Church/School corner, and half a mile west, land of Laura Wilson, is where my wife, Nancy was born and lived through high school.
4) Down toward town, on Sec. No. 23, land of Ella R. Smith, my maternal grandmother, the dot to the left of the red circled 4, beside the river, is the house we lived in when I was born, in 1939.
5) In Sec. No. 21, just northwest of Coon Rapids, land of R.H. & P.H. Kinnick - this is where my mother, Eileen Kinnick, lived from June 1936, while courting Dad, until they got married in March 1938, and started farming at location 4.
6) After a couple of years a location 4, Mom and Dad and I moved to a farm on the county line, a mile east and half a mile south of 'the homeplace.' I need to do more research (find the papers) on the exact timing and place of this move.
7) After another year or two, Dad bought our 'home farm' one mile east of the county line in Greene County, Willow Township; two miles directly east of his 'homeplace.' 
8) The Willow #3 one-room school I attended was one mile north of that.

Note that the upper left corner of the map is marked Carrollton.

I will try to refer back to this map, as I continue to write about the area.

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. Ooo. William. This is just marvelous. I see Ella and H.L.'s land adjoins. (I wonder, more now, why dear old dad was born in Greene County.)

    Priceless. TY--GJ

  2. I love that you are using maps. I have rarely seen this on blogs, and they are such a great visual for anyone willing to engage. I still prefer a good map on a trip even though the value of a good GPS can hold its own too... I have about half a dozen maps in my car right now.

  3. I do, too, Brenda. Maps are still very, very valuable. Thanks for your comment! ;-)