Monday, October 3, 2011

Matrilineal Monday - Saturday Night Fun? ;-)

Matrilineal Monday
Saturday Night Fun? ;-)

This exercise performed in response to Randy Seiver's Saturday Night (Oct 1, 2011) Genealogy Fun (SNGF)

I have not done my mitochondrial DNA testing or which Haplogroup ID. I have DNA samples at FamilyTreeDNA, so I suppose this could be done for an additional charge. I really don't know what it would mean to me. A reply would be welcome.

My matrilineal line is:

1. William L. Smith
2. Mary Eileen Kinnick (1918 Coon Rapids, Iowa -1999 Coon Rapids, Iowa) married Leverne Smith
3. Dorothy Christine Sorensen (1887 Denmark - 1982 Coon Rapids, Iowa) married Paul Harold Kinnick
4. Jensene Marie Nielsen (1852 Aalborg, Denmark - 1906 Guthrie Co, Iowa) married Lauritz Christian Sorensen
5. Maren Kristine Mortensdatter (1823 Aalborg, Denmark - 1915 Aalborg, Denmark) married Niels Christensen (Kudsk)

On the Smith side, the matrilineal line of my father is:

1. Leverne Smith (1915-1977) married Mary Eileen Kinnick
2. Ellen Rebecca Preston (1880 Deer Lodge, Montana - 1923 Carroll, Iowa) married William Emanuel Smith
3. Ellen Rebecca Miller (1850 Bryan, Ohio - 1912 Coon Rapids, Iowa) married James P. Preston
4. Rebecca Firestone Carle ( 1808 Ohio - 1892 Coon Rapids, Iowa) married John Miller
5. Mary Fireston (1789-1869) married Richard L. Carle
6. Mary Ann Bieber married Mathias Firestone

My Kinnick grandfather's matrilineal line is:

1. Paul Harold Kinnick (1892 Iowa - 1968 Coon Rapids, Iowa) married Dorothy Christine Sorensen
2. Margaret Jeanette Williams (1869-1936) married Alonzo Palmer Kinnick
3. Ann Eliza Duncan (1842 Illinois - 1879 Guthrie Co, Iowa) married Elias Williams
4. Araminta Kirk (1813 Scotland - 1855 Duncan Prairie, Mercer Co, Illinois) married Braxton Duncan

My Smith grandfather's matrilineal line is:

1. William Emanuel Smith (1869 Moline, Illinois - 1939 Coon Rapids, Iowa) married Ellen Rebecca Preston
2. Margaret Nellie Soderstrom (1846 Bjuraker Parish, Sweden - 1901 NE Soldiers Home, Grand Island, Nebraska) married Michael Smith
3. Johanna Margreta Rolin (1817 Sweden - unknown) married Peter Andersson Soderstrom
4. Margreta Sprang (b. Sweden) married Jonas Rolin

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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