Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sport Center Saturday - 1909 Girls Basketball Team

Sport Center Saturday
1909 Girls Basketball Team
Coon Rapids, Iowa, High School

A couple of weeks ago, I featured the 1946 Girls Basketball Team in our home town of Coon Rapids, Iowa, winning the Iowa State Championship. Today, we feature 'where/when it all began.'

This is a clipping from the very first High School Annual in 1917, featuring the First Girl's Basketball Team in Coon Rapid, in 1909. P.S. The young lady on the left became a great-aunt of my wife, Nancy.

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. That's cool, Bill. I love girls' basketball. And I love the old fashioned names. (Great fiction writing resource you've got there. :))

  2. Great, Naomi; always wanted to be a "fiction writing resource!" Seriously, thanks for stopping by an leaving a comment. The names are neat, for sure! ;-)

  3. What a priceless photo! I hadn't realized that there were girl's basketball teams a hundred years ago.

  4. There were in Iowa, Sheryl. A long history! Thanks for the comment! ;-)