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Friday, September 24, 2010

Follow Friday - 24 Sep 2010

Follow Friday - 24 Sep 2010

My recommendations this week. As usual, I normally pick one or two good posts from my week's readings, or left from the prior week! Hope they are useful or at least interesting to you, as well! If it is your first visit, even better!  ;-)


I've continued to be heavily involved in several projects, recently, but I did come across a very useful post if you are asked to give a presentation at a conference, or such. This is in the form of a personal testimony, by Jennifer Holik-Urban, Professional Genealogist, at her Family History Research blog.

I've enjoyed sharing Jennifer's stories of transitioning from hobby genealogy to professional genealogy. Her blog entries are always worth reading. This is another good one. I do enjoy knowing Thomas MacEntee, as well, a lot. I got to spend some time with him at the Kansas City Family History Expo. He can be a bit eccentric, but, he ALWAYS does really good work. That is the important thing. He has also taken on new professional challenges, including the items mentioned in this post. I want to be fully supportive and encouraging to his efforts as well. We will each, and all, benefit over time, I am confident!

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. Thanks for mentioning me this week Dr. Bill!

    I'm visiting Springfield next month for a couple of days for my sister's baby shower. I will drive down Thurs the 21st and arrive by noon in Springfield. If you will be in Springfield for any reason and have time to meet me for lunch, let me know. Would love to meet you in person. If not, I'll try to catch you when I visit again early next summer.

  2. Small world, huh?! I think we will be in Austin with the grandkids that week, but check back again, as the time approaches. Retirement seems almost as scheduled as work life! ;-)

  3. Me, eccentric? Well I am and I take that as a compliment - I think it traces back to my English heritage. I've enjoyed your blog for the past year and I thank you for all the contributions you've made to the genealogy community over the past year!