Monday, September 6, 2010

Smith Grandparents - Post 2 - Labor Day Monday

Smith Grandparents - Post 2

Labor Day Monday

My Smith Grandfather, William Emanuel Smith, was a Well Driller, per the 1900 Census (reported on Sentimental Sunday, yesterday). He was apparently very successful at the job, for he continued to do it for many years after me married Ella in 1904 and became a Farmer on her 160 acre farm. His success as a well driller was mentioned from time to time in the local newspaper, from time to time (100 years Ago column!). He is said to have used a "divining rod" to locate the best place to drill.

When I think of my grandfather, based on stories of my parents, since he died when I was four months old, as a hard working "well driller," this is the photo I think of - not lovely, but real:

This dates between 1910 and 1920, I assume. Ella died at 43 in 1923, from complication of a gallstone operation, leaving a large family to raise. Here is a photo, about 1936-7, of the family (he cleaned up nicely...):

Dad always referred to his father as: "Pop" - Pop is in the center, of course. He is flanked by his two surviving sons: My dad, on our left, recently married in 1938 is my guess, based on other photos, and older brother, Willard, always known as "Toots" - on the right. Irene to far left, LVene to far right.
Seated in front, Pauline, Bethene ("Betty") and Maxine.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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