Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday's Tip - 28 Sept 2010 - New Daily Blogging Themes

Tuesday's Tip - 28 Sept 2010
New Daily Blogging Themes

Entering the second week of my second year of this genealogy related blog, I was thinking about the Daily Blogging Themes. I had noticed some new ones popping up, and thought I'd go take a look at the GeneaBlogger site, and see what Thomas had to say on this, lately. Under the About section - not to my surprise, Thomas stays on top of these things - I discovered "Participate in Daily Blogging Themes," which was recently updated - which I encourage all new bloggers to do.

Here is what it said:

One of the fastest ways to become part of the fold is to post about your ancestors via a variety of “prompts” to help feed you ideas on blogging topics. As of September 2010, we’re offering more than just one blogging theme per day – there are as many as five per day? Check the Genealogy Blogging Beat each day for the daily blogging themes which include:
    •    Sunday: Black Sheep Sunday, Church Record Sunday, Sentimental Sunday, Sunday Supper, Sunday’s Obituary.
    •    Monday: Amanuensis Monday, Madness Monday, Mappy Monday, Maritime Monday, Military Monday, Mobile Monday, Motivation Monday, Mystery Monday.
    •    Tuesday: Talented Tuesday, Tech Tuesday, Tombstone Tuesday, Tuesday’s Tip.
    •    Wednesday: Wedding Wednesday, Wednesday’s Child, Wisdom Wednesday, Wordless Wednesday.
    •    Thursday:  Thrifty Thursday, Thriller Thursday, Treasure Chest Thursday.
    •    Friday:  Family Recipe Friday, Follow Friday, Friend of Friends Friday, Funeral Card Friday.
    •    Saturday:  Sorting Saturday, Sports Center Saturday, Surname Saturday.

So, there you have it. A whole set of themes - something for about everybody -  yeh, sure - there will be more to come, I'm sure - but, this will give us some new life as we move into the new year! I see a half dozen that I would like to adopt, a couple I already have, including this one. How about you?

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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  1. Even if your brain is full, I think we can find one topic we like....