Sunday, June 6, 2010

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy - Challenge #23

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy - Challenge #23

Thanks again to Amy Coffin of We Tree ( for the inspiration for this set of challenges.

This week we were challenged to come up with a personal genealogy challenge of our own. Well, I am taking on the challenge #22 from last week, related to  Find-a-Grave, by pledging to myself to become an active Contributor to FInd-a-Grave.

Frankly, I had become a bit worn out, even bored, with the Daily Theme of Tombstone Tuesday. I have done all the "easy ones!" Well, of course, the work is not done.

First, I will use my prior work on Tombstone Tuesday blog posts [it appears I have done 32, to-date] to create Contributions, meaningful Memorials, and Add a Photo to Find-a-Grave for most or all of these.

Second, in coming weeks and months, I also know I have other tombstone/grave photos in my vast unsorted boxes and files of photos. My wife and I recently agreed that getting a start on sorting them, scanning them, etc. [all those photos] needs to be part of our YEAR TWO retirement goals, starting next month. Therefore, I have and will retrieve those other tombstone/grave photos and post them to Tombstone Tuesdays as well as contribute them as Memorials on Find-a-Grave.

Wish me well on this new initiative in the coming year(s).

Thanks, again, to Amy at We Tree and to Thomas at GeneaBloggers for the inspiration!

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. Bill, I am going to check in now and again to see how you are doing with getting all your photos on the FAG site. Good luck.

  2. I'll probably use the Tombstone Tuesday post one a month or so to report. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment! ;-)

  3. This sounds like a great challenge! I really like the idea of using the Tombstone Tuesday post to report back in. Good luck!