Monday, June 7, 2010

My Hometown on Monday - Babe Towne Baseball Manager, 1935

Babe Towne Baseball Manager

Notice how the Daily Herald in the County Seat town designates our Coon Rapids (Iowa) hometown baseball player as the "only Carroll county star to ever participate in World Series play." A nice touch!

Daily Herald, Carroll, Iowa Friday May 10, 1935

Seven Men Comprise
Board Of Directors;
15 New Suits Ordered

Babe Towne, veteran of several major league campaigns and only Carroll county star to ever participate in World Series play, was selected as manager of the Carroll baseball team this morning at a meeting of the newly elected board of directors.
Backed both financially and morally by many of the business men of Carroll, plans are under way for making the 1935 edition of Carroll baseball teams as much of a "home town" club as possible and at the same time build up the color necessary to attract the cash customers.

Board Elected
  Serving on the board of directors, who were chosen last night at a meeting of interested parties, will be E. J. Broderick and W. E. Schmich, insurance agents, S. S. Kudsk, retail store manager, J . H. Schmidt, cafe owner, and Henry Walz, retail store owner, as representatives of the business men, and Fire Chief Joe Daniels and Orvil Ward, representatives of the Carroll Firemen's Athletic association.
  Manager Towne, who took over the Carroll nine late in the season last year and met with better than fair success, today issued a personal invitation to all players interested in trying out for the Carroll Merchants baseball' team to report at Minchen field Sunday afternoon, May 12, a t 2:30. .

To Use Local Players
  Carroll players will be given the preference in selecting the personnel, according to the policy outlined by the board of directors, but a "foreign" battery probably will be used most of the time - unless local candidates for the mound and backstopping positions show outstanding development as the season progresses.
  Fifteen new suits, made possible because of contributions by Carroll merchants, have been ordered. The suits are of a color between a cream and gray, trimmed in light red. The sox are red with white rings. The caps have a red top and gray beak and the names of the business firm buying the suit will be inscribed in red letters on the back of each suit.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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