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More 1692 BRIGHTWELL records in Maryland Historical Magazine

Continuing from my post yesterday, this is more BRIGHTWELL in the Maryland Historical Magazine of June 1921, Vol. 16, #2:

The title of the article was 'The Baltimore County "Garrison" and the Old Garrison Roads' by William B. Marye beginning on page 105 - here are the first 3 of the 7 BRIGHTWELL references:

From p. 107-108:

The following order was issued by a Council held at Saint Mary's October 6th, 1692: "Ordered that six men with two Officers be appointed in the most considerable and exposed Places on the Frontiers vizt Captain Richd Brightwell with six men under his command well armed & provided to range from the head & Branches of Pottomuck to the branches of Potuxent one other with six men more armed &ea as aforesd from the head of Pottuxent to the head of Pottapsico and one more with the like number of men from thence to the head of Susquehanno River {footnote in the manuscript: This expression is, of course, not to be taken literally. It meant some part of the river at or not many miles above the head of tidewater} to be nominated and appointed, as also their pay agree for and acertained, by his Excellency the Governor." (Md. Arch., VIII, 378).

At a Council held at Saint Peter's October 14th, 1692, the following order concerning rangers was issued:
"Rangers appointed for the year ensuing upon the Frontiers of this Province vizt
"Captain Richard Brightwell with six men from the Falls of Pottomuck to the Branches of Pottuxen Captain Thomas Richardson from the Freshes of Pottuxen to the falls of Potapsicoe with six men Captain James Maxwell from the Falls of Potapsicoe to Susquhanno River with six men to be paid men and Officers p Ratio as in Virginia." (Md. Arch., VIII, 398).

At a Council held at Saint Peter's near Saint Mary's March 9th, 1692, the following resolutions respecting rangers were passed: "Advised thereupon and resolved by the Board that three Forts be forthwith erected in each of which a dwelling House sufficient to retain and accomodate a Captain or Commander and nine Souldiers together with a small Cabbin for four Indians to be found and sent thither by the Emporer of Nantecoke the Emperor of Pascattoway and the King of Choptico the said three Forts to be erected & built one in Charles County by the Direction and appointment of Captian John Addison one in Anne Arundell County at the direction & appointment of Coll Nicholas Greenbury & the other about the Fall of Potapsicoe toward or near Susquehannoh River in Baltimore County that Captain Richard Brightwell command the Fort at Charles County Capt. ------ at Anne Arundell and Captain Thomas Richardson that in Baltemore County, ordered also that the aforesaid Captain John Addison and Coll Nicholas Greenberry be desired, authorised and empowered to press and procure Carpenters work labourers provision tools and other necessarys for erecting and building the said Forts and that they have assurance given them from this Board of being satisfied and paid for the same at the publick charge to be allowed p rato at the price current when such things are got and procured. Ordered also that Captain John Addison be and he is hereby desired authorised and empowered to treat with and procure of the Emporer of Pascattaway four of his Indians for the Fort at Charles County, ...

[Dr. Bill comment - this is the first time I have seen this reference to BRIGHTWELL commanding a fort - he did live in Charles County. I've seen ranging stories, but not this one.  ;-)]

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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