Saturday, January 23, 2010

Surname Saturday - CARLE

On previous Saturdays, we have reported all of the known ancestor lineage surnames through  the great-grandparent surnames (see earlier Saturday Surname posts in the left column, scroll down - back into 2009).

From the "round of sixteen" - great-great grandparents (scroll down a bit) - we have already reported six of the eight male surnames, two are unknown (from Denmark). Five of the eight on the female lines are known: ROLEN, BUTLER, CARLE, SIMMONS, and DUNCAN; these will be reported next.

This week we will look at CARLE. You will recall that Ellen Rebecca MILLER married James P. PRESTON. Ellen's parents were John MILLER (1806-1888) and Rebecca FIRESTONE CARLE  (1808-1892) .

Rebecca FIRESTONE CARLE's parents were Richard L. CARLE and Mary FIRESTONE.

It is interesting to note that the given names Ellen or Rebecca have come down through the five generations, beginning with Rebecca FIRESTONE CARLE to Ellen Rebecca MILLER to Ellen Rebecca PRESTON (youngest daughter of James and Ellen PRESTON; married William E. SMITH) to Ellen Bethene SMITH and she named her first daughter Rebecca Ellen PIERCE (she is my first cousin and comments here, from time to time, as "tribby" [Becki].

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. I was told from a young age that I had a family name, and I was proud of this, but it was not until I saw the information that Aunt LVene gathered that I realized how far back the name goes. Unfortunately, I broke the line with my daughter's name. She is named Gretchen Irene, I wanted to name her Gretchen Ellen, but her father thought that sounded too much like a Japanese monster name. While she appreciates the origin of her middle name (after my Aunt Irene Smith), she wishes I had kept the line going. She may resume it if and when she has a daughter.......


  2. Irene was very important in you life... as she was in mine. Names are very interesting to follow. We only know, if we know, however... One of the reasons I like, so much, to study and learn about the family. I really appreciate the comment, as usual!


  3. Hiya:

    A bit I hope will add to the family trivia. Rebecca Firestone (Carle) Miller was probably named for her paternal aunt, Rebecca, "Becky," (Carle) Firestone, wife of George W. Firestone.

    In turn, Rebecca's aunt was likely named for her maternal grandmother, Rebecca (Emmons) Low(e).


  4. @GeneJ I added your note to my database. Thanks for the note. Good to hear from you. Hope all is well! ;-)