Sunday, May 14, 2017

DNA Results - My First Post

DNA Results - My First Post
My wife and I finally tested our DNA at and linked the results to our family trees. Our daughter Arrion had previously tested.

The results have come in recently. What do we do now?

First, two initial reaction, one from hers, one from mine.

1. Mildly surprised to see her Ireland Ethnicity was so high, at 35% (mine was so low, at 3%).

2. Results appear to confirm that both branches of my Kinnick heritage, including Nile Kinnick, are indeed genetically related. Multiple matches to ‘other branch’ - very satisfying! We all believe it to be true, but never able to ‘prove’ via available records. Now, perhaps, redouble our efforts.

Here are the stats:

WLS Ethnicity Estimate (100% Europe)
55% Europe West
31% Scandinavia
7% Great Britain
3% Ireland

NRS Ethnicity Estimate (99% Europe)
43% Europe West
35% Ireland
13% Scandinavia

For me:
DNA Circles
Asenath Butler DNA Circle - 2nd Great-Grandmother (1803-1885) 22 Members
William Charles Preston DNA Circle - 2nd Great-Grandfather (1780-1837) 18 Members
Walter W. Kinnick DNA Circle - 3rd Great-Grandfather (1810-1853) 10 members
Joseph Swineheart DNA Circle - 4th Great-Grandfather (1748-?)) 11 members

One Genetic Community - Settlers of Western Ohio, Indiana, Illinois & Southern Iowa (true!)

Have just begun to send out queries, a couple of initial replies.
What fun! Back to work! ;-)

Families are Forever, for sure, on Mother’s Day!! ;-)