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Treasure Chest Thursday - William Walter Kinnick (1866-1946)

Treasure Chest Thursday
William Walter Kinnick (1866-1946)

This is another of the fine photo images I received from my cousin, Ellen DeVilbiss, on 4 Dec 2012. She has preserved and shared them from her grandmother, my aunt, Lillian Kinnick Ford. There are more photos of this gentleman's family among those she shared, that you will also see in the days ahead.

Info from back of the photo: "William Walter Kinnick b. 15 Mar. 1866 - Buda, Ill d. 17 April 1946 - Livingston, MT This is his last picture, he was 80 and a very handsome man.  Parents: Joseph Kinnick b. 8 Mar 1839 d. 24 Sept 1917 & Rachel Mercer b. 15 May 1839 d. 10 Dec. 1917  Grandparents: Walter Kinnick b. 11 June 1809 d. 28 Feb 1853 & Susan Schwyheart b. 1 May 1809 d. 27 Sept. 1884, Father of Dorothy Kinnick Adams b. 6 Feb. 1919"

I was also in communication with his daughter, Dorothy, and she had sent me copies of some WWII era photos of her siblings, as seen in the web page linked below (scroll to the bottom). I actually talked to her on the telephone a day or two before her death in August 1997. Oh, my! ;-)

William Walter Kinnick was a first cousin to my great-grandfather, Alonzo Palmer Kinnick (that you saw in this space last week). I researched and wrote about his family here, in 1998-99:

The William Walter Kinnick Family Story

Note: There is a link at the beginning of the story to his parents story that I wrote, as well, for those interested. It was a fascinating family! ;-)

The story start in Illinois, includes Iowa, Montana, Mexico, Texas, Montana, Missouri and back to Montana, if you need a little more encouragement to check it out…  ;-)

More to come on this family in weeks to come.

Families are forever!

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Wordless (nearly) Wednesday - William and Emma (Kinnick) Carper

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday
William and Emma (Kinnick) Carper

This is another of the fine photo images I received from my cousin, Ellen DeVilbiss, on 4 Dec 2012. She has preserved and shared them from her grandmother, my aunt, Lillian Kinnick Ford.

Regarding this photo, Ellen wrote for me: "Photo of Emma & William Carper:  Do you think this was a wedding photo?  They are such a dapper young couple here.  Written on the back in light pencil & interrupted by the fact that this was once glued to something is “Mrs. Wm S. Carper Buda Ill.”  In darker pencil and a different handwriting is Aunt Emma and Uncle Will Carper.  This is obviously taken at the height of the mutton sleeve era, between mid 1880’s & mid 1890’s.  They were married in 1894 in my records." My records show Jan 1894. It is likely near their wedding date.

Emma Estelle Kinnick Carper (1866-1935)
William S. (Will) Carper (1867-1975)
They had no children. 

Also among the photo images Ellen sent was also a younger photo of Emma:

With his comment:  "Photo of Emma Kinnick Carper:  I had to look her up in my data as all that is written on this one is “Emma Carper”.  Emma Estelle Kinnick married William S. Carper, so this is Walter Watson’s daughter b. Dec. 9 1866.  She shares my birthday, although I’m much younger (1954)."

Emma was an older sister of my great-grandfather, Alzono Kinnick (1870-1923) .

Families are Forever!  ;-)

Monday, December 17, 2012

My Hometown on Monday - Methodist Ministers listed

My Hometown on Monday
Methodist Ministers listed

The following list was prepared for the Carroll Co, IA, GenWeb Site, August 2003, by County Coordinator at the time, Bill Smith - me.

Star Methodist Church
Coon Rapids, Iowa

Transcriptions from
The Official Membership and Church Record of
The Methodist Church from August 8, 1886 to “present” [mid-1960s]

List of Pastors, page 130, from 1885 to 1963.

Pastor’s Name
Wm. Douglas
John Webb
I. H. Elliot
9-9-1887 (sic)
C. D. Fawcett
A. C. Rawls
S. E. Brown
A. M. Lott
C. W. Anderson
Fred T. Stevenson
9 – 1898
George W. Wood
9 – 1898
C. M. Ward
J. W. Stokebury
9 – 1903
9 – 1905
A. T. Jeffery
9 – 1905
9 – 1906
A. W. Harned
9 – 1906
9 – 1908
John F. Gibson
9 – 1908
9 – 1910
H. H. Barton
9 – 1910
9 – 1912
Carl Brown
9 – 1912
9 – 1914
A. J. Matthews
9 – 1914
9 – 1917
H. E. Copeland
9 – 1917
9 – 1919
H. G. Hicks
9 – 1919
9 – 1922
C. W. Koehler
(did not serve Star)
(See History)
9 – 1922

9 – 1925
W. Frank Clayburg
R. J. Arms
O. E. Cooley
J. H. Krenmyre
Eugene Alexander
J. B. Pooley
Leo Wolfe
6 – 1954
Cecil C. Latta
6 – 1954
6 – 1958
Earl E. Josten
6 – 1958
6 – 1963
Mark C. Sullivan
6 - 1963

(sic) = transcribed as recorded, even if possibly incorrect

Generally, the same Methodist Minister served both the town church and the rural Star Church.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - Great-Grandfather Lon Kinnick and Percherons

Treasure Chest Thursday
Great-Grandfather Lon Kinnick and Percherons

Great-Grandfather Alonzo (Lon) Kinnick, Coon Rapids, Iowa, and
Prize-winning Percheron

This is another of the photos shared by cousin Ellen DeVilbiss (THANK YOU, again!). It is a postcard, which was not an unusual way to share photos in the early 1900s - this is likely 1910-1920 (he died in 1923, as you will see, if you keep reading).

If you are not familiar with the Percheron breed of horses, Wikipedia has a great article on them.

This was the first I'd heard of his affection for and attachment to this breed of horse. Ellen's note included the following: 

"I do remember Grandma's stories about how much her father loved those horses and how upset he was after his first stroke when he realized they would have to move to town because he couldn't keep them.  Grandma also remembered going with him to the fields and sleeping under the wagon, guarded by the horses while he fixed fences."

Her Grandma was Lillian, Lon and Nettie's youngest daughter. Paul, their oldest son, was my Grandfather. 

I thought I'd check the Coon Rapids Enterprise Archive for mention of Lon Kinnick and Percheron. Unfortunately, only one connecting statement came up, and that was the sale of his horses, by his wife, shortly after he died.

 From the Sale Bill:
1 Team grey geldings 14 years old, wt. 1000; 1 bay mare wt.
1700, age 8; 1 black mare 9 years old, wt. 1600; 1 black registered
Percheron stallion age 6, wt. 1750; 1 grey registered Percheron stallion
age 2, wt. 1500; 1 team grey registered Percheron mares age 6, wt
1600; 1 grey registered Percheron filly coming 2; 1 bay gelding 
coming 4, wt 1300; 1 black mare and 1 sorrel mare coming 3; 1 black
mare, 2 geldings coming 2, 2 weanling colts.

 Here is the copy of the whole page; Sale Bill, upper right corner:

While I was in the archive, I did save the front page story announcing Lon's death, a few days earlier; left hand column - several death notices across the front page - interesting, wide age spreads...

Families are Forever!  ;-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday - Fall 1939 Kinnick Family on Farm

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday
Fall 1939 Kinnick Family on Farm

I think this photo was taken at my parents' farm; they are on the left, Mom holding me, a few months old. Next, is my cousin Karen, a year old, held by her mother, Ida Marie. Her husband, Leo (my uncle) was taking the photo!
From the right, are my maternal grandmother, Dorothy; her sisters-in-law, Lillian (Kinnick) Ford (white hat) and Edna (Pierce) Kinnick (widow of Robert); and Paul Kinnick, my maternal grandfather. In the far back, center, is Delbert Ford, holding his son, Dennis. The gentleman in white, center, is Everette Brideson, husband of Gertrude, to the right in the photo. Paul, Robert, Gertrude and Lillian are siblings. Their other sister, Lucile (Kinnick) Herron was not there.
The four youngsters in front, are, from left, John Brideson, Jeannette Brideson, Roberta Ford, and Edward (Buzzy) Kinnick. Leo, Eileen, and Buzzy were the children of Paul and Dorothy.

Families are Forever!  ;-) 

Monday, December 10, 2012

My Hometown on Monday - Computer usage in 1962

My Hometown on Monday
Computer usage in 1962

I am always interested in news articles from past years to be reminded of how computers came into our lives, and how they were used in different years. This showed up in my hometown The Coon Rapids (Iowa) Enterprise in the 50 Years Ago column of November 22, 1962 [29 Nov 2012 issue]:

"The Star Charolais Farms of Coon Rapids are keeping records on their Charolais herd the modern way. They recently enrolled their cow herd on IBM machines through Performance Registry International which is headquartered at Denver. PRI is an international association of cattlemen
representing all beef breeds. The Star Charolais Farms will have the weights of their cattle calculated and analyzed through IBM and this information will serve as a management guide to them in their breeding program. They are one of the first farms in this area to use IBM computing machines to improve their beef herd."

What early computer use stories do you like to share?  ;-)

Families are Forever!  ;-)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Social Saturday - Wedding #124: Bill and Nancy

Social Saturday:
Wedding #124: Bill and Nancy

August 7, 1959 7:30 p.m.

Another neat email received with an image attached. Nancy and I were married, as above, by Rev. Earl E. Josten, in Coon Rapids, Iowa. 

The email was from his daughter, Ann. She said: "I'm finally getting around to writing about my dad's life before his 17 years as a music teacher in Iowa schools which were before his 30 years in the ministry and beyond."

As we exchanged information, I reminded her that he had married us, all those years ago. She responded with:

"Your wedding recorded by my mom in Dad's Pastoral Record of Weddings: (above image)

Yup, you two were wedding #124 of Dad's. It's good to know your marriage has lasted; he'd be pleased."
Our 'special memory' is that the wedding was at 7:30 p.m. - EVERYONE said "No one gets married on the half-hour!" Of course, we said, "Oh, Yes! We do!" And, we did. For us, it was a practical matter. We were a farm family, and most of the guests were farmers. The chores needed to be done. Also, we wanted to get left for our reserved out-of-town motel for the night, while the night was still young. Wedding, reception, leave... that was our main interest. It worked out really good, it seems!  ;-)
Families are Forever!  ;-)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - 2nd Great Grandparents Tombstone in Denmark

Treasure Chest Thursday
2nd Great Grandparents Tombstone in Denmark

From Bente Poulsen, our cousin in Denmark: "It is the tomb stone of Jensine Nielsen's parents in Hvorup paris church cemetery - family grave."

My mother - Eileen Kinnick Smith (1918-1999)
My grandmother - Dorothy Sorensen Kinnick (1887-1982)
My great-grandmother - Jensine Nielsen Sorensen (1852-1906)

How neat! Thanks!

Families are Forever! ;-)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday - Walter Watson and Mary Estella Kinnick

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday

Walter Watson and Mary Estella (Symonds/Simmons) Kinnick
My second great-grandparents

I am nearly speechless, if not wordless. This is the first time that I have seen a photo of this second great-grandmother. I've seen several of him, but this is the first of her, that I know of.

Walter Watson Kinnick (1840-1919)
Mary Estella (Symonds/Simmons) Kinnick (1843-1909)

THANK YOU, cousin Ellen DeVilbiss, again, for sharing this scan, especially as you are in the process of moving. She sent 11 scans, today, that I'll be sharing as we move forward. This one couldn't wait!

Families are Forever! ;-)