Sunday, July 28, 2019

Sunday Special - River Rats at Silver Dollar City

Sunday Special
River Rats at Silver Dollar City

This is a series of old photo memories captured while looking for photo images of my cars over the years.

The River Rats playing at Silver Dollar City. We came many times just to see, hear and interact with them… Each of these fellows has gone to quite distinguished careers… Hope they/you enjoy these memories as much as I do!!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Sunday Special - We are Ancestors, Too!

Sunday Special 
We are Ancestors, Too!

A couple of weeks ago, son-in-law Larry Johnson asked if I remembered all the cars I/we had had - we were talking about my 80th birthday and our 60th wedding anniversary coming up. I’ve been thinking about that ever since… At the time, I recalled this post of my first car:

Since, I’ve been looking through old print photos attempting to find some of 24 or so other cars we have had. In the process, I’ve run across other photos that should be shared with stories in line with this post - “You are an Ancestor, too”:

So, this starts a new Sunday Special series of posts on that theme:

Lions Club President in Urbandale, Iowa

This is about 1976, Gene Walker on the left is turning over the Presidential gavel to me as the new President of the Urbandale Lions Club. I had served as Third, Second, and First Vice-President of this long time club and was very proud to serve the community in this capacity. It was the leading service club in the city at the time. We sold a lot of light bulbs and made many financial and volunteer time contributions to the community every year. I ended up qualifying as a 100% President, whatever that means, meeting all the criteria expected from the position. It was a happy time. Serving others brings happiness, as we should each remember.

Simply memories, but important ones!!

Families are Forever!!  ;-)