Thursday, June 23, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1951 - Dec 20 - School Program

From Mom’s Diary… 1951 - Dec 20
School Program
Mrs. Phelps and 14 students at Willow # 3 - final year
Next fall, half went to Scranton, half went to Coon Rapids to school

Thursday, Dec 20:

… Made burnt sugar cake to take to school. Got coffee maker from the church. Real blizzardy.
Finished bath room at 1:00. Pete wasn’t here for dinner. Gave Tom a nap. Gave boys baths, ate, went to school program. Pete had to put on chains, to get there. Terribly cold & snowy. Cute program.
Tom kept saying he was hungry. Bill was Santa. Tom knew him. Jim said, “Do Not Open Until Christmas.” Bill was dressed like a lady in one play. Wilson was good as a lady. Nice lunch. All kids went together & got housecoat & gloves for teacher.

My comments:

Always interesting what was important to Mom as she wrote her diary entry each day.

Note: This concludes this series of posts from Mom’s diaries. Have a great summer! ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1951 - Dec 17 - Got Lionel

From Mom’s Diary… 1951 - Dec 17
Got Lionel
My daughter, Annette, in 1965, with the Lionel… just part of it...

Monday, Dec 17:

Got up at 6:30. Boys up early too. Went to Des Moines at 9:30. Snowing. Hard to drive against at times. Ate at Bishop’s. Got Bill red hat & gloves & Jim gloves. Got Lionel, flex. flyer, music box, Christmas gifts. Picked out rubber tile at Chader’s. Really snowy & cold. Lots of traffic when we left. Got groc. at big super market. Jim slept till we got to Mom’s. Roads were fine. Got Tom & came home & made hamburgers. Did dishes, went to bed early.

My comments:

Big day in my life, for sure. Mom and Dad really went to pick out the rubber tile, of course, for the Porch. They were VERY nice… but the train set was my big Christmas gift. At 12 1/2 years old, that was pretty big deal. After Christmas, a half dozen families around the neighborhood came to see the train, per later diary entries!! Big deal for them, as well, it seemed.
P.S. I still have the complete train, of course, get it out every few years! Still works well! ;-)

Eating at Bishop’s Cafeteria at Merle Hay Mall was part of the “going to Des Moines” ritual. Liked the “big super market” comment!

Families are Forever! ;-)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1951 - Oct 18 - School Reorg mention

From Mom’s Diary… 1951 - Oct 18
School Reorg mention
My 7th grade school pic - Fall 1951

Thursday, Oct 18:

Cloudy and a little rain. Got boys off to school. Jimmy play “Old Gray Mare” and Billy play “Melody in F.” Cleaned back porch & kitchen cupboards. Pete up to Hachmeisters re: school reorganization. Ate fish & salad & then he went to see Honald & Smith. Put Tom to bed & listened to T.V. Kate Smith.
Called Mom to have them come & stay with boy - S.S. party. Made scalloped potatoes. Jack Bow came to have Pete pick corn but he was gone. Toots called to see about going to D.M. tomorrow.

My comments:

First specific note regarding School Reorganization - would cause country schools to close and all go to Coon Rapids to all school grades. A year away.

Think the tunes mentioned were what Jim and I had learned at our piano lessons.

Noticed how she still says ‘listened’ to T.V. - not watched television. Carry over from radio!! But, after this date… started saying ‘watched’ - fun to read diary! ;-)
Also, earlier note of watching football game on Sunday. Then, I later watching “Ames Football Game” on a Saturday afternoon.

Also, a mention of “looking at things for porch” suggests they were thinking about the new “Porch” - family room to replace old porch. Major addition to the house!! ;-)
P.S. November 15 - Henry Johnson came to start foundation of porch! ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1951 - Aug 10-19 - First Family Vacation Colorado

From Mom’s Diary… 1951 - Aug 10-19
First Family Vacation Colorado
Family photo at Continental Divide

Drove across Nebraska, stayed at Wahoo the first night in a motel. New experience for family.
Then, into Wyoming and spent time with Mom’s great uncle Ira and family a couple of days. Then into Colorado, to Estes Park and stayed in nice cabin.

Wednesday, August 15:

Got up early & drove to Y.M.C. A. camp, made reserve. at Idaho Sprgs for tonight thru Chamber of Commerce. Tommy & Jim rode on little train again. Up trail ridge road. Really a never to be forgotten thrill. Looked down for thousands of feet. Climbed up to snow - nearly wore us out. Altitude really leaves you short winded. Picked wild flowers & got snow balls. Really chilly but sun hot. Seemed so funny. Didn’t realize it would take so long. Good road, but you don’t make much time. Down Bertroud Pass just as rugged or more so as Trail Ridge Road. Saw Bear Lake & Grand Lake. Pretty. Finally got to Idaho Sprigs. at 5:15. She had kept our cottage. Long narrow town between mtns.

My comments:

Mom did write this kind of detail for every day of the trip. Quite an experience. I clearly remember bits and pieces. Wondered when it was… now we know!

At end of trip: “Really wonderful to be home. Thats the best part of the trip. … Nice to see T.V. again. Hadn’t seen ir for a week and a day.” And, the next day… “Drove out to see the crops. Really looked good. Small  corn tasseling. Even weeds look good.”

She had not been impressed with barren grounds and no crops, in western Nebr and Wyo.!
Very interesting to relive the trip with her words!!! ;-)a

Families are Forever! ;-)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1951 - July 1 - Bill’s 12th Birthday and farm work

From Mom’s Diary… 1951 - July 1 - 
Bill’s 12th Birthday and farm work

Thurs. June 28:

… Bill & Pete put up hay at Toot’s. …

Friday, June 29:

… Pete & Bill plowing thru’ pons for late corn. …

Saturday, June 30:

… Made angel food cake for Bill.
Bill & Pete mowing & finished planting corn at 7:00 PM in ponds. I went down to Buss’ to get another bu. corn for him. Surely glad he’s through with that.

Sunday, July 1:

Fine day. Bill 12 years old. We got him a guitar & a badminton set. He was awake at 4:00 & said he didn’t go back to sleep. I tuned his guitar for him. Fried 2 chickens, baked beans, did sep, gave boys baths, cleaned up & went to Lils. Mom & Dad stopped so I could comb out her hair. Ger’s were fine. John & Jeannette really grown up. Really a crowd. Little Judy H. there - sang “It is no secret.”
Kids played ball. Ila Jean expecting in Dec. on my birth day. She & Colleen his year. Aunt Josephine is at Charlotte’s. Jack going to Denver. Mid Continent Co. Pilot. Leo’s, folks, Buzz’s here for supper.
Had Billy’s birthday cake. Toots, Mary stopped to invite us over for 4th. Mom & Dad did dishes. I put Tom to bed. Put car away -

My comments:

Interesting that during this time she called me Bill most of the time, but still Billy sometimes.

I remember the badminton set. Had forgotten about the guitar. I could not play it worth a darn. My fingers just didn’t have the size or dexterity… or something. Perhaps, lack of interest!?!?! ;-)

I was obviously working in the fields with Dad on a regular basis. Wonder if this was the summer we argued over me wanting to stop and watch Captain Video on the television at 5:00 p.m., followed by Tom Corbett, Space Cadet, at 5:15??? ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)

Saturday, June 11, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1951 - May 15 - Bill cut finger on fence

From Mom’s Diary… 1951 - May 15
Bill cut finger on fence

Tuesday, May 15:

Did up usual work. Washed & set hair. Marg. came & said to get gift.
At 10:30 Bill & Inez came. Bill had cut finger bad on barb wire. Tom & I took him to Carroll.
Dr. Pascoe took 4 stitches. Had to wait 1/2 hr for tetanus because he was allergic to it.
Left Carroll at 1:00 - played for Mrs. Ben Hobbs funeral at 2:00. Down Town. Stopped at Beth’s.
Home & got supper, practiced piano a little.
Went in to Eastern Star. I had to play & serve lunch. Filled angel food. Millicent, Wayne Miller, Bertha Keister, Colleen & me.

My comments:

A very memorable day, for me. I still have the scar, 65 years later, on my left ring finger, just below the knuckle, inside. It was very prominent for many, many years. Is now somewhat less pronounced. I had tried to go through a barbed wire fence into nearby farm field to retrieve a baseball. Actually, it as I tried to return to the school yard that I snagged the finger on the barbs. Ouch!!

Notice how busy Mom was. This had become typical, … reading these months. She was playing the piano for many events, by now, and active in several clubs as well as still being involved with administration of the local rural school as well as Star church. We are approaching the times that I do remember clearly…

The first three months of 1951 appear to have been very bad snow storms, one after another. Notes of school on several Saturdays through the spring trying to make up all the days missed.

Families are Forever! ;-)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1950 - Dec 19 - TV set at home

From Mom’s Diary… 1950 - Dec 19
TV set at home

Tuesday, Dec 19:

Mom came  & I set her hair. Cooley here in P.M. to collect for Advocate. Watched T.V.
Dad came, at nite wore Max’s square dance dress & went to Lohrville. Leo’s have T.V. Bendix.
To square dance. Really a lot of fun. Home at 2:00. Made a batch of penuchi for school.

Wednesday, Dec 20:

Made 2 cherry pies, white nut cake, got gifts ready & went to boys school play. They all three have colds & coughs. Bill was Santa, Robert Hunter - Mrs. Santa - Real good. Ate - they exchanged gifts & came home.

Thursday, Dec 21:

… Got supper & watched T.V.

My comments:

What fun to see when T.V. set first arrived.
Speedy Shirbroun had brought a T.V. out to the school house (on hill) some evenings, over prior year.
This Christmas of 1950 seemed to be the pivot point. We got ours, then found out Leo’s had gotten one also!! I do recall the thrill. Ours was a Motorola. Looked like this 19” - I have actual photos in later years.

Doors were rarely, if ever, closed!! ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1950 - Nov 5 - Roy Rogers at KRNT Theater

From Mom’s Diary… 1950 - Nov 5
Roy Rogers at KRNT Theater
As they looked then... ;-)

Sunday, November 5:

Made chicken, noodles, salad. Mom & Dad came, ate, got ready to go to D. Moines to Roy Rogers at K.R.N.T. Really good. Better than I tho’t. Trigger right out on stage. Dale cute, Roy handsome, fine orchestra. Cute square dancers & dresses. Acrobats, dancers & everything. Ate at Hotel Fort Des Moines. Fancy supper. Kids got gifts.
Daryle’s wash house burned at 12:00 just as Pete came to bed. He helped fight it.

My comments:

We had been to several Roy Rogers movie over past months, so seeing them all live, in-person, on stage, and outside, really made an impression that has lasted through the years!! I was a big fan!! ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)

Saturday, June 4, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1950 - Summers - Birthdays

From Mom’s Diary… 1950 - Summers - Birthdays
Wanted to get this photo in; probably from spring, when landscaping done.
Also a hedge, off to the left in photo, dividing front yard from garden area behind.
No diary entry on my birthday this year.

Thursday, August 3:

Did a washing. In town & had pickup fixed. Got cowboy doll for Nancy. Ate at D & D.
Home & got Bill cleaned up & he went to Nancy’s 11th Birthday Party. I went after them & had lunch. Folded clothes. Thought Ace would come after school books but he didn’t. Mom & Dad came. I fixed her hair. Drove in town & got cones. Got new jeans & sweater so I could go to cafe for dinner.

Wednesday, August 9:

Did up usual work. Made Pete an angel food. He’s 35 today. Left for Jeff. at nine. Got his driver’s license and hair cut. Talked to Irene Jacobsens. Did a little shopping, came home, cleaned a chicken, did dishes, went to Swimming Aquacade. It was good. Watermelon race, candle race, clowns. Had pop & ice cream & came home.
Bill to Helping Hands at LVene’s in P.M. She sent home roasting ears.

My comments:

Potpourri of items for this entry…

Families are Forever! ;-)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1950 - Mar 30 - Allergic to Penicillin

From Mom’s Diary… 1950 - Mar 30
Allergic to Penicillin
Florey (pictured), Fleming and Chain shared a Nobel Prize in 1945 for their work on penicillin. 
Source: Wikipedia

Thursday, March 30:

…Billy’s hip was sore - is where he got penicillin shot. … Bill to Dr.
Temp is 99 1/2 degrees. Gave him allergy pill & sulfa. Allergic to penicillin, I guess.

Friday, March 31:

Billy’s hip all swelled hard & red. Didn’t send Jimmy to school either because he had a spot on his leg & 2 on his forehead. …

Saturday, April 1:

… Billy’s hip so sore he can hardly walk. …

Monday, April 3:

… Billy’s hip was better so he went to school. …

My comments:

I had just gone through a week or so of chicken pox… then, they (Dr. Johnson???) gave me a penicillin shot! Not the thing to do. I am allergic to penicillin! First experience recorded here! ;-)

Jim was getting chicken pox, but was real slow coming on… took several days…

P.S. In Louisville, in 1964, I'd apparently forgotten I was allergic to penicillin, and let them give me a shot... very same reaction!!! I've had big red letters 'Allergic to Penicillin' on all medical charts since! ;-)
Ah, Ha! April 21: Had penicillin from Doc Johnson for Tom. TOLD YOU SO!! 'Penicillin Pete' struck again... but, Tom was not allergic...  ;-)

Oh, and on March 17 - Mom and Dad celebrated 12 years of marriage; on April 20, Jim was 6. ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1950 - Mar 5 - Bayard house

From Mom’s Diary… 1950 - Mar 5
Bayard house
Grandpa and Grandma Kinnick on front porch of Bayard house, about 10 years later.

They apparently moved about March 1 to the little house in Bayard, from the farm, west of Bayard.

Sunday, March 5:

Really a spring day. Boys & Pete to S.S. & church. I fixed ham loaf, salad, carrots, cake, jello & we went to Mom’s to dinner. Leo’s there too. House is nice. It just needs water, furnace, paint, paper.
Kids played out doors & on porch & in school yard.
Real muddy in places.
Home & put kids to bed & did dishes. Paul & Helen, Morris came, stayed till 12:00.

My comments:

House just needed a ‘few things!’ ;-)

Was right adjacent to the Bayard school, to the east of the house.

Families are Forever! ;-)