Saturday, December 26, 2020

Surname Saturday - Dickey


Surname Saturday - Dickey

Jessie Amanda Dolan Bolger (1866-1936)

Earlier, when we examined the Surnames Bolger and Dolan, we showed that Nancy’s Great Grandparents were Thomas Edmund Bolger (1861-1926) married Jessie Amanda Dolan (1866-1936).

Jessie’s parents were:
Josiah Dolan (1837-1875) married Sarah Ann Dickey (1844-1931).
Sarah Ann was born in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Her parents were:

Eli Dickey (1809-1887) married Ann Snyder (1814-1929).
Eli Dickey was a wagon-maker by trade, but also a farmer.

His parents were:

Charles Dickey (1760-1823) married Lydia Thomas (1775-1825).
Charles was born in Pennsylvania.

His parents were:
John Dickey and Judah Saunders

Families are Forever!! ;-)

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Surname Saturday - Dockstader


Surname Saturday - Dockstader

Marietta (May) E. Lynk (1865-1932)

Earlier, when we examined the Surnames Thomas and Lynk, we showed that Nancy’s Great-Grandfather Charles Wesley Thomas (1860-1900) married Marietta E. Lynk (1865-1932).

Marietta (May) was the daughter of:

Sylvannus Lynk (1826-1903) and Mary Ann Dockstader (1824-1905). Thus, today we add Dockstader. Mary Ann was born in Montgomery County, New York in 1824.

Her parents were:
John Jacob Docstader (1787-1837) and Phoebe Dillenbach (1788-1872).
John Jacob was born in Mohawk, Montgomery Co, NY, in 1787.

He was the first son of:
Jacobus Dackstaeder (1763-1807 and Elizabeth Groff (1766-??).
Jacobus was born in Caughnawaga, NY.

He was the first son of:
Marcus G. Dachstaeder (1739-1821) and Elisabeth Schultz (1739-1831)/
Marcus was born in Stone Arabia, NY.

Marcus was a son of:
George Adam Dachstaeder (1709-1791) and Catherine Stahring (1714-??)
He was born in Palatinate, German Pfalz.

He was the son of:
George Dachstander (1679-??) and Anna Elisabeth Unknown (??-??)
George was born in Hanover, Germany.

He was the son of:
Adam Dachsretter (1659-??) and Unknown
He was born in Viernheim, Germany.

He was the son of:
Leonard Dachsretter (1608-1684) and Anna Marie (Unknown) (1659-??)
He was born in Lutherisch.

Families are Forever!! ;-)


Saturday, December 12, 2020

Surname Saturday - Hartman


Surname Saturday - Hartman

Lydia Ann Hartman (1828-1891)


As noted earlier in Surname Saturday - Thomas, Nancy’s Great-Grandfather was Charles Wesley Thomas (1860-1900).

Charles Wesley Thomas was the son of John Evan Thomas (1820-1886) and Lydia Ann Hartman (1828-1891).

From earlier Surname Saturday - Thomas:
“John Thomas, son of John and Elizabeth Thomas was born the 10th day of November in 1820. He was born in South Wales, Camarthenshire, the lower Hamlet of Manordilo. He was baptized by Reverend Prothro, a clergyman of the Church of England, when about three years of age. He emigrated to the America (fall of 1837). I have concluded he came in 1840 as per his biography in the History of Marshall County.

Lydia Hartman, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Hartman was born on the 29th of March 1828 in Kelly Township, Union County PA. She was baptized by J.H.Fries, a preacher in the German Reform Church.
When Lydia passed away, she was preparing to milk the cows on a Sunday evening. She told her son-probably John Jr. she was not feeling well and with out a moments warning her spirit departed.

They were married the 27th of March 1845, at the German Reform Church in Union County in PA. I have found that they had at least 10 children. At least 4 children may have died while they were living in Cedarville, IL. “

We visited Union County, Pennsylvania, and saw and walked on the grounds/land where they lived. He arrived there about 1842, where their first 3 children were born, and stayed about 15 years before moving on to Stephenson County, Illinois, where 7 more children were born. The family then moved to Marshall County, Iowa in September of 1864, where two additional children were born. 

Jacob Hartman (1785-1868) married Elizabeth Leutz (1810-bef 1835). She had nothing further back than this. Jacob was born in Union Co., PA.

Families are Forever! ;-) 

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Surname Saturday - Dolan (other)


Surname Saturday - Dolan (other)

Thomas Edmund Bolger (1861-1926)


Earlier, we posted here that Nancy’s great-grandfather was Thomas Edmund Bolger (1861-1926) and that he had married Jessie Amanda Dolan (1866-1936).

His parents were Michael Bolger (1808-1875) and Harriett Dolan (1833-1912). This is where we get the (other) Dolan line.

The parents of Harriet Dolan (1833-1912) were:

John T Doland/Dolan (abt 1800 - 1852) and Sarah Morris (1801 - ?)

We now believe John's parents were:

William T. Doland (1763 - 1838) and Catherine ? (1779 - 1860)

This couple is familiar from the first Dolan Surname Saturday.

They are also believed to be the parents of James A. Dolan (1806-1891) who was the grandfather of Jessie Amanda Dolan through their son, Josiah Dolan (1837-1875). We have not confirmed that John and James were brothers, but there is very strong circumstantial evidence that this is the case.

As noted early, we visited the Marietta, Ohio, area to seek further evidence. This is where both James and John were living before they moved to Cedar County, Iowa, in the 1840s. We also never found evidence that they were not brothers. The search continues.

Families are Forever! ;-)