Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Approaching my 9th Ancestor Stories Blogiversary

Approaching my 9th Ancestor Stories Blogiversary
(this coming Sunday)

Thank you!  …to each of you who have continued to check in on this ‘Ancestor Stories’ blog over the years… especially in recent years when life has taken me away from my genealogy/family history work for some substantial periods of time.

Two things have accounted for that… First, personal family matters.
Second, I have spent a lot of time, from time to time, on my family saga, historical fiction writing.

I often say I write my historical fiction in a creative nonfiction style. Looking at my initial post on this blog, I see how much that is:

“Farmers of the Prairie; the people, the times, the places
A story of one family; created from many families”


If you haven’t kept up with my writing, lately, and are interested, here is a recent piece that kind of summarizes what I’ve been doing… in about 1300 words, easy read.

I would appreciate any comment you may have. Thank you. Dr. Bill ;-)