Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sharing Memories on Sunday - Late 1940s on the Smith Farm

Sharing Memories on Sunda
Late 1940s on the Smith Farm

This stream of thoughts and memories started yesterday, with "The Book of Me" post.

Today, searching for some other photos, I came across this series of images that help date the changes in the house... that I've wondered about, for some time. Remember how I often say how important it is to 'look at the backgrounds' - not just at the people at the center of the photo??

Well, here we go. In this photo, the bathroom remodel (where front porch had been) was still underway. On the far left, you can even see the cement mixer is still sitting there. The outer wall has not yet been painted - as it is in the aerial photo, for example. Old east porch is still in place. The M Farmall was new. That was why the photo was taken. But... Pete is holding Jimmie. Jim was born in April 1944. He can't be a year old yet, so this is winter 1944-45. That dates the remodeling! Neat!

This photo is of the front (west) porch before the bathroom remodel was done. Mom is the taller one in the middle. I haven't tried to identify the others... friends of hers, but maybe I'll figure that out another time.

This image is clearly marked 1947. Wilson Thomas, our dog Whitey, Bill behind the tent, Jimmie out front, on the right. BUT, again, look behind. The car. The pickup! The new porch was not built yet. You can see, from the left, the 'wash house' - 'cob house' - 'chicken house' - edge of the barn!! Also some fencing that disappeared in the following years. The infamous 'grove' can be seen behind the buildings...  ;-)

This photo is labeled '1950 Chevy' - Tom was born in May 1948 - he would be two. That would be mid-1950 sometime. Jim would be 6+ and I would be 11. NO NEW PORCH yet. Note fence with picket gate! Things I've always overlooked, before.

The Easter 1954 photo had the new PORCH - and the 1950 car was replaced with a 1953 car - same colors, but this one had a visor! Mom wrecked the 1951, as I recall!  ;-) Here, Barry was a little over a year old, Tom was nearly 6, Jim (taking the photo) would have been nearly10. I, Bill, was 14, going on 15 in a few months. Loved that striped tie! ;-)

Oh, the memories...

And, one more photo image - this is from a photo of the wall of Jim's Apartment in Florida - he had the original color photo of the farm - does he still have it, I assume??


Families are Forever...  ;-)


  1. Thank you, Allison. It is a real pleasure to share them - with stories. I appreciate comments! ;-)