Friday, September 6, 2013

Fiction Friday - Post 5 - Themes 1 - Family History Research

Fiction Friday - Post 5
Themes 1 - Family History Research

As I was preparing my "Hometown Monday - Homeplace Country Inn and Karen" post over on The Homeplace Series Family Saga blog, the excerpt that I was using was about some of my characters doing family history research and how it impacted the details of the story.

This is a Theme that I run through all of my fiction writings. They are informed by my own research and the many GeneaBlogger and other posts I read regularly about people as they go about their own genealogy and family history research projects and sharing them. These stories are simply endless, and provide such rich context and details for my stories.

Even conversations we have with "cousins" comparing our family history research will inform your stories, if you keep an "ear" turned to those stories. This evening, writing this, I was on a Facebook message chat with a KINNICK cousin and exchanging regular status replies with a SMITH cousin. Each discussion contained elements, of new thoughts, that will likely end up in one of my stories, one day. This is what I do where some writers do journalling. What do you use? Have you thought about that?

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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