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75 Years Ago This Week - September 27, 1938

75 Years Ago This Week - September 27, 1938
Bill and Karen, at Paul Kinnick front yard in Coon Rapids

75 Years Ago This Week began March 1, 1938 - my mother and father were preparing to get married later in the month. I'm continuing this meme, from time to time, as issues warrant.

Selected diary excerpts from Eileen's diary, from this week, 75 years ago:

Saturday, Sept. 24:

… Took Pop over to Pilot Mound & back. Drove Polly's car. Polly went along but I did all the driving. Ate dinner at 2:00 at Schoppes in Jefferson. ...

Monday, Sept. 26:

… Karen Kay born at 5:00 a.m. Folks there when it happened. …

Tuesday, Sept. 27:

… Down to the fair awhile. Got season tickets $1.00. …

My comments: Wish she had said who they visited in Pilot Mound, over in NW Boone County. Assume it was Soderstrom cousins… his ('Pop' was my Dad's father, William Smith, of course) maternal grandfather had died there in 1901… I would not have expected him to still be in touch with family there; but, of course, I was wrong. ;-) A new family history research questions to work on...  ;-)

Karen Kay Kinnick was born 9 months before I was (on July 1, 1939); she is daughter of Mom's older brother, Leo Kinnick, and his wife, Ida Marie. Karen is my first cousin, of course.

Was your county fair 'season ticket' $1.00 this year?? What fun!

Families are forever!  ;-)

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