Thursday, November 12, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday - highchair

Here is another family treasure... though only about 70 years old. It is the highchair I used as a child... 1939-early 1940s, I suppose. A gift from my maternal grandparents, I've been told. Still in great shape - used by all five boys over perhaps 20 years. Notice the original leather strap is till in place. Never refinished, as far as I know. A bit different than those my grandchildren use, with safety this and that.... ;-)

Families are forever ;-)


  1. I love antique furniture and it is amazing how strong the pieces were made. Wonderful it is still around. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Dr. Bill,
    You can pick up the new Kreativ Blogger Award at Branching Out Through The Years
    Thanks for keeping the stories coming. Love reading them.

  3. I love this chair. My husband and I looked everywhere for one like this when our daughter was born in 2005. We finally found one and it looks just like yours!

    I have enjoyed reading your blog.


  4. Wow! Good for you, Julie.

    Glad to hear they are still around.

    This blog is lot of fun. Keeps me hopping, but I guess that is the idea... to get lots of these items, photos and stories, out there for others to enjoy, as well!