Saturday, November 7, 2009

Surname Saturday - wife's surnames added

My dad and I share the surname SMITH - my mother's maiden name was KINNICK.

My paternal grandfather SMITH, married a PRESTON.
My maternal grandfather KINNICK, married a SORSENSEN.

The surnames added by marriage, the next generation back were:

Go back another generation, 2nd great grandparents - we would add EIGHT more surnames.... do you know them all, for your line. At 3rd great grandparents we add SIXTEEN more surnames. What a great opportunity for more fulfilling research!
[For a more complete list, with names, see: scroll down to yellow/purple table]

Each one is just as important to who you are - who I am - as those first two, four, eight. If you have not discovered, and researched, each of these "married into" surnames in your family, I encourage you to do so. My wife and I have made special efforts to identify each, back many, many generations. It is quite revealing and very satisfying! Enjoy the search.

A while back, I identified a ninth great grandfather, who was actually a famous person. I was pretty excited until I realized I have over one thousand ninth great grandparents. Do you know all of yours? How many? I'm still working on mine, thank you...

Families are Forever! ;-)

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