Saturday, May 21, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1949 - Apr 17 - The “dork” for “hork” incident!

From Mom’s Diary… 1949 - Apr 17 
The “dork” for “hork” incident!

This was one of my more “memorable” events from my younger years - have told the story for years.
Truly fascinating to see it in Mom’s words, in her diary, just as I’ve told the story. Wow! What fun!

Sunday, April 17:

To church on time. Had Tom baptized. Got along O.K. Dad had to hold him of course. To Leo’s to dinner. Ham & yams in basement. Stayed for lunch. Karen played horn & piano. Home & straightened up & went to bed.

Kelton said Jimmy says “dork” for “hork.” (fork)

My comments:

This was Easter, I’m sure, with Tom being baptized. The “in basement” notation was significant because they (Leo’s) had remodeled their lower level with a second kitchen, including a breakfast nook, as I recall. The formal dining room was still on the ‘main’ floor.

I also remember this as the day Leo noted that he got a ‘diamond stickpin’ for Easter which he was wearing in his tie. Seemed to denote success in his bank clerk life.

But the big ‘take-away’ was young nearly 4 year Kelton saying that 5 year old Jimmy was saying the word for ‘fork’ wrong, saying it wrong as well, himself.

Ah, the memories… ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)