Thursday, May 12, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1948 - May 14/30 - Tommy made 5

From Mom’s Diary… 1948
May 14/30 - Tommy made 5

Tommy was born on May 14…that made 5 of us in the family, now. This photo may from a little later in the year, but it fits my needs, here, how. ;-)

Sunday, March 30:

Baby awake several times in night. Fixed breakfast, fried 3 chickens, made a jello salad, gal. ice cream. Pete took Billy to S.S. & then went in town and got ice. Leo’s & folks came for dinner. Baby was fine all day & all evening. Men looked at Carricks, Irv Brown & Jeklles farms in P. M. Leo, Ida, Kelton in town a minutes. Fixed deviled eggs & another freezer ice cream for supper. Mom & Ida did dishes & I played piano & they sang. At 9:30 all listened to Horace Heidt 1/4 finals. Really good. They left & Buss came on way home from Iowa City. To bed 11:00.

My comments:

Buzz had taken Colleen back to Iowa City on Saturday…

Families are Forever! ;-)