Wednesday, May 11, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1948 - March 14 - Smith gathering

From Mom’s Diary… 1948
March 14 - Smith gathering
David, Jim, Judy, John, Bill

Sunday, March 14:

Really nice day. Get up at 6:30 & put chicken on. Made rolls, scalloped corn, fresh veg. salad, apple salad, mashed potatoes, ice cream, angel food cake. Pete & Billy went to church & then in & got Betty. She bro’t her record player. Irene had to work income tax. Toots, Mary, Margaret, LVene, Verle, David, John, Orrin, Max, Gary, Judy. Boys played cards. Kids really had a time. Judy, Gary, Betty stayed for supper. Then we took them home. Pete had to walk up lane with Gary & Judy. We didn’t have on chains. Home to bed at 10:00. Listened to Horace Heidt on way home.

My comments:

Hope and assume this photo matches with this story. Photo may have been on a hotter day, but all the actors are the same… When photos are not dated, you just do the best you can!! ;-)

March 17 was Mom and Dad's 10th Wedding Anniversary! ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)