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From Mom’s Diary… 1948 - June 23/July 1 - Wedding and Birthday

From Mom’s Diary… 1948
June 23/July 1 - Wedding and Birthday
Waiting outside the old Methodist Church in Coon Rapids for Buzz and Colleen to emerge.
Her Dad, Wes Davis, is tall gentleman in the middle, holding his hat. Do you recognize others?

Buzz and Colleen’s wedding dominated the ‘news’ in the diary for many days, before and after.
Here is the "Wedding Day”

Wednesday, June 23:

Really busy getting clothes ready. Folks & Buzz came to bathe & dress here. Ate early, bathed, took Tommy to Norma & Jimmy. Bill in Bible S. To rehearsal in church at 3:00. Leo’s bro’t us home at 5:00 & got Bill, Jim, Pete & went to Bride’s Dinner at Library at 5:30. Really nice. Bridal party, close relatives & friends. Cute rolling pin favors. Changed to Colleen’s pink formal at Winona’s. Helped unwrap gifts at church till nearly ate. Jo, Colleen’s roommate & I. Wedding was perfectly beautiful by candlelights. Sammy sang Lord’s Prayer as the knelt. At reception I cut cake & Winona handed the plates. Big crowd. Nice time. Frances, Roger, John, Pearl & Barbara there. Changed at WInona’s again. To Norma’s at 11:00.

Didn’t seem to find a 9th Birthday photo… but,

Thursday, July 1:

…I made Billy an angel food, did sep & milkers. Worked on school books, Bill building model airplane. Baby good. … School board at night.

My comments:

First notation of “School board at night” on my birthday… one change, from my memory, it was because Mom was Secretary to the board, not that Dad was on the board, at this time.

Have a few other photos from wedding reception… cannot put my fingers on them, at the moment!!

Families are Forever! ;-)