Saturday, May 7, 2016

From Mom’s Diary… 1948 - March 5 - Buzz and Tom Spoke

From Mom’s Diary… 1948
March 5 - Buzz and Tom Spoke

Buzz and High School Friend Tom Rees in Army in Japan
Both graduated from Coon Rapids High School

Friday, March 5:

Did up work. Fixed pork roast. Mom & Buzz came for dinner. Stayed with Jimmy & Buzzy & I went to Workers Conference at Rhoda Wilson’s. He & Tom gave talk on Japan. Showed pictures. Rhoda’s house nice. Didn’t get home till 5:00. Mom didn’t feel any too good. Ate, listened to girls B.B. games at night. Karma, Wilton Junction beat Hartley-Slater.

My comments:

The next day, they listened to Girl’s B.B. State finals - Kamrar won by a big score, she said; adding, “Van Lagen set scoring record.”

Very muddy spring. On March 10, an event I have remembered vividly (I thought it was Easter to church, but this makes more sense, for the memories): “Pete took Billy to school on tractor.” I remember standing on the draw bar, holding onto the seat where dad set… Age is about right, as well!!

Mom was quite pregnant with Tom by this time. She never mentions it, except for ‘tired’ and ‘rested’ kinds of references… and quite a few days entries missing in the diary!! ;-)

One other thing on Mom: Along the way, she was elected/appointed Secretary to the School Board for Willow Township, it appears. Had meetings, took checks to bank, etc., from time to time. I had not remembered her in that role. Nice to learn about it! ;-)

P.S. Just realized I failed to post this clipping of Buzz arriving back from his military service. Good clip, fascinating experiences...

Families are Forever! ;-)