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Friday, March 1, 2013

75 Years Ago This Week

75 Years Ago This Week

This is a new weekly meme, for me, starting today, March 1, 2013.

75 Years Ago This Week
included March 1, 1938 - my mother and father were recently engaged, preparing to get married later in the month.

Also starting today, over in The KINNICK Project blog, I have resumed daily entries from Mom's - that is Eileen Kinnick's - diary.

Each week here, I will have something to say about the week's diary entries with a link over there.

Most weeks, I'll also have something from the local newspaper in Coon Rapids, Iowa, the Coon Rapids Enterprise. From time to time, I may add other tidbits from that week, 75 Years Ago! ;-)

 From Eileen's diary entry of Feb 6:
"Decided to get married sometime in March & love on Smith's other place."

From Eileen's diary entry of Feb 8:
 [At work] "Told Leo & Boyd I was gonna get married.
Told the folks but they hardly believed me."

From Eileen's diary entry of Feb 9:
"Pete came. Went out on Betts road. Just sat & talked. Plan on going to Des Moines {to get rings}."

From Eileen's diary entry of Feb 11:
"Pete came & we went to Des Moines. Ate at Butterfly. Got rings at Helzbergs, did a little shopping... [Back at home] So tickled about the rings; they're cuter than the dickens."

From Eileen's diary entry of Feb 18:
"Looked at catalogs and planned."

From Eileen's diary entry of Feb 20:
"Over to Smith's other place. Measured all the floors and windows. It really can be made nice. Over to Smith's to supper."

From Eileen's diary entry of Feb 23:
"Went to Whitnell's & picked out our Fiesta... Went to Carroll... Got our cabinet, couch, 2 rugs, & 2 kitchen chairs. Came rite home."

My comments: Kind of brings us up to date!  ;-)

Families are forever!  ;-)


  1. For sure... It all needed to happen for us to be here... ;-)

  2. Love it...the rings at Helzbergs ( we got ours there too)...Fiesta cool!! What is there wedding date??? March 17?

  3. St. Patrick's Day... how did you guess? ;-)