Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wordless (Nearly) Wednesday - Smith Family Gathering Summer 1970

Wordless (Nearly) Wednesday
Smith Family Gathering Summer 1970

I've been systematically scanning every slide I took in the 1970s - late to early, now into the summer and fall of 1970. These three are from a visit to my parental Smith farm home, "on the Porch" - for a gathering of members of my Dad's family. It is rare when I cannot identify everyone, but I do need some help on these. I can guess (because there are only so many cousins to choose from), but I'd appreciate help from my faithful readers, in the comments, please.

My three daughers are in blue, with necklace and light pink and yellow (on the right, below). I wonder if a couple are from CA, since their grandparents are below.

Are the boys the Pierce boys? Wrong ages, I think? Don't think their parents or sister are here, which has me confused.

Back two rows, from the left, Bill (me), Max, Mike, Orrin, Arrion, Eileen, Nancy, Jim, Pauline, Gwen, Merl, Tom, Pete, Paul.

And, I really cannot tell 'who is missing' to be taking the photos, on my camera, since I am in the one immediately above. Thanks for any assistance.

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. Digitizing the old slides is tedious but necessary to preserve the family history. Good for you and yours.

  2. Thank you, Jody, for your support and comments! ;-)

  3. Good luck with the identifications.