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75 Years Ago This Week - March 15

75 Years Ago This Week

75 Years Ago This Week began March 1, 1938 - my mother and father were preparing to get married later in the month.

Over in The KINNICK Project blog, we had another week of daily entries from Mom's - that is Eileen Kinnick's - diary.

The old farm house was being prepared to live in by both families working together to help Pete and Eileen get ready when they are married in a few days…

Wallpapering was completed, among other things.

Identifying the Smith siblings that helped out.

From the local newspaper in Coon Rapids, Iowa, the Coon Rapids Enterprise, 75 Years Ago:

March 11, 1938:

Town election is a couple of weeks away Monday, March 28, and nomination papers are now in circulation about town for the following two tickets: The Peoples ticket presents John Shirbroun for mayor; George Textor, W.A. Kretzinger, M.H. Galloway, C.W. Rippey, and George Lachenmeyer for town council,; Jno. W. Smith for assessor; P.H. Kinnick for treasurer. The Citizens ticket presents Paul O. Alex for mayor; Dwight Williams, Dr. D.S. Weaver, Ralph Shannon, and John Tigges for town council; Ralph C. Bowman for assessor; P.H. Kinnick for treasurer.

My Grandfather, Paul (P.H. Kinnick), was on both tickets! Love it!

Families are forever!  ;-)

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