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75 Years Ago This Week - March 1-7

75 Years Ago This Week

75 Years Ago This Week began March 1, 1938 - my mother and father were preparing to get married later in the month.

Over in The KINNICK Project blog, we had another week of daily entries from Mom's - that is Eileen Kinnick's - diary.

On March 3, Eileen went to Des Moines to watch the Girl's Basketball Game in the State Championships.

On March 4, we started to hear a lot about plastering and pulling down old wall paper at the farm house where they were planning to make their new home.

On March 6, her whole family joined in with painting in that house.

On March 7, new wallpaper arrived.
What will come next?

From the local newspaper in Coon Rapids, Iowa, the Coon Rapids Enterprise, 75 Years Ago:

March 4, 1938:
"Coon Rapids playing the outstanding game of the state tournament so far out played Fonda during their first round of the tournament to lead 23-3 at the half. The radio announcer
said that Coon’s team was the smoothest he had seen this season and Lund’s ball handling simply marvelous. Lund was credited with sinking 12 of these points, Grohe 6, and Johnson,6.
Coon’s defense led by “Tuffy” Parker had the Fonda girls baffled. Coon Rapids was there in force with Holliday’s school band furnishing music for the occasion. apparently Coon was
the popular outfit of this day’s play with half the town in attendance.
Playing in the first half for Coon were Lund, Johnson, Grohe, Parker, David, Anderson. Starting the second half, Lund was given a free throw and as usual, sunk it to make the score
24-3. At the end of the third quarter the score stood 37-6 in favor of Coon. Lund accounted for 20 of these points, Johnson, 10, Grohe, 7. Lund’s work was outstanding. Between quarters Holliday and his band got almost as much mention from the announcer.
By special wire from Drake fieldhouse at the end of the game we find Coach Christian shot in all of his reserves to finish the game, Whisler, Baker, Davis, Coder, Rogers, George.
Long shots were a feature and the final score was Coon Rapids 47, Fonda, 9."

Families are forever!  ;-)

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