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Those Places Thursday - In Transit - Summer 1964

Those Places Thursday - In Transit - Summer 1964

When I finished my Air Force active duty tour in July 1964, we moved from St. George, Utah, to Louisville, Kentucky, with some "time-off" In Transit in Iowa.

Leaving St. George, we drove "cross-country" including across Highway 24 through what we now know as Wayne County and through the Capital Reef National Monument ( it didn't become a Park until a few years later). In May of 2011, we revisited that drive. [Annette and Larry now have their home just a few miles to the west! ] You will see three photos taken in 1964, when we first visited, along with the photos in the same locations, in 2011. FUN!

We then continued east, through Colorado, of course, Here is a photo taken in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, where we stopped along the way to have lunch. You can see Annette out 'stretching her legs' - we were lucky she didn't run off down through the trees. ;-)

Yesterday [Wordless (nearly) Wednesday] I posted a couple of photos from our stay in Iowa, before heading for Louisville.

We didn't think about it as significant at the time, but during that trip, things were really 'heating up' over in Vietnam. By August 10, about the time we were getting to Louisville, Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution; generally considered the official beginning of "The Vietnam War."

The story continues on Sunday…

Families are Forever!  ;_)


  1. Yes... you're correct. I could be gone in an instant!

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    2. At the Grand Canyon, we had a halter and a leash... You still take off into the woods, up and down mountains, on a whim, any hour of the day or night... right? ;-)