Friday, February 10, 2012

52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy - Week 6

52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy - Week 6

52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy 2012 prompts suggested by Amy Coffin; thanks, Amy!

    •    Week 6 – Family Heirlooms: For which family heirloom are you most thankful? How did you acquire this treasure and what does it mean to you and your family?

This week’s prompt runs from Sunday, February 5 through Saturday, February 11, 2012.
My wife and I each have a woodworking project of our respective fathers from when they were in high school in the 1930s.

My dad made a 'knickknack' hanging shelf - it is in my office. It hung in our family farm home into the 1980s, even after he died. Mom remarried after a number of years. Her second husband was a woodworker, and he refinished the shelf. When she died, it was one of the pieces I received.

My wife's Dad made a desk. It is our loft, with her 'reserve' Mac set up at it. It would be nice to have it refinished. Perhaps one day we will accomplish that.

Having something they each created with their own hands, as young men, is neat, to us. They may not be valuable in money, but they have a great deal of sentimental value to us. They will most likely go to our two grandchildren, one day.  ;-)

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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